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Eyelash extension adhesives

What is the best humidity and room temperature for this glue to work most effectively?

Best room environment conditions for eyelash extension are a temperature of 70-74F (21-23C) and at a relative humidity (RH) of 50-70%. Please refer to the product page of the specific adhesive for more details.

What are the ingredients of the glue?

Though similar by nature, different types of adhesives may have slightly different formulas. Please refer to the product page of the specific adhesive for more details.

Are your adhesives latex free?

Yes, all our adhesives are latex free.

Are your adhesives formaldehyde free?

Yes, our adhesives are formaldehyde free and comply with the FDA and OSHA requirements in relation to this chemical.

Can your adhesives be used for self-application of extensions?

NO! All our adhesives are for professional use only, i.e. they must be used by lash artists adequately trained and licensed where applicable to do eyelash extensions on their clients. DIY or self-application is strictly prohibited and can lead to serious reactions and irritations.

Can the glue be used to do own strip, cluster or individual lashes?

NO! All our adhesives are for professional use only, i.e. they must be used by licensed lash artists on their clients for eyelash extension only. No self-application or use with strip or cluster lashes is allowed.

What is the difference between different Stacy Lash glue types?

Our line of adhesives included glues with different setting time, fume level and strength to cater various needs, purposes, lashing habits and skills. Please refer to the product pages for more details to choose ones that will suit you best.

Are your glues hypoallergenic?

Our adhesives belong to the class of semi-permanent glues for eyelash extensions. All of them are Cyanoacrylate based and have strong formulas for long retention and quick setting. They are not hypoallergenic and require adequate precautions and training for their safe application.

Is Stacy Lash Sensitive adhesive hypoallergenic?

Glues with quick drying time and long retention, like our Extra Strong, have stronger formulas, therefore can give off stronger fumes. Our Sensitive glue was designed to have less fumes at the expense of longer drying time and shorter retention to minimize the effects of fumes on sensitive people. It still needs the same precautions as stronger adhesives. We recommend always making a patch test before extension to check if a person could be allergic or sensitive to the adhesive.

What is the shelf life of your adhesives?

Unopened bottles can be stored up to 6 months under adequate storage conditions in unopened pouch. Once opened, the glue can last up to 2 months under ideal storage conditions (tightly capped, in the sealed pouch in a cool place), but we recommend using it within one month after opening because no matter how ideal is the storage the nature of these glues is such that they are subject to aging, so the fresher the glue, the better. Please see the production and expiry dates on the package.

Should I store glues in the fridge?

You can store unopened bottles in the fridge (not the freezer). Once the it is opened it’s better not to put it back to the fridge due to temperature/humidity difference. Just put the bottle inside the pouch with silica gel inside, seal it and keep it in a cool place away from sunlight or other heat sources.

Should I store glues in the fridge after use / between clients?

Normally, we do not recommend storing glues in the fridge once opened due to condensation as the glue “loves” moisture too much. They should be stored just in a cool place out of direct sunlight. Now, as the time between clients is concerned, it is too short to worry about it. And the temperature adequate for lashing will be more than adequate for just keeping it in between clients. If this time is lengthy just wipe the nozzle clean with a lint-free cloth, screw the cap tightly, put it in the pouch with silica gel and seal it. As an additional precaution you can press the bottle slightly to let extra air out (but not letting the glue stay in the nozzle not to have chances of clogging) and only then screw the cap tightly and slightly flatten the pouch letting the extra air out (just a bit) and then zip it. Again, If you have just finished with a client, the temperature should be just right for the glue storage as well. It does not need additional cooling, which adds no benefits. Quite to the opposite, the glue doesn’t like temperature jumps and possible condensation. In other words, it’s better to keep it in a warmer room rather than to put it the fridge and back all the time. If your next client is next day or in several days and you expect the room to get not just warmer but extremely hot, only then you may consider putting it in the fridge, subject to the above additional precautions as the lesser evil. Otherwise it is not needed.

How long does this glue last stored once it has been opened?

Once opened the bottle can last up to 2 months. Please note however that this period will be much subject to storage conditions as the glue polymerizes using moisture from the air, and if not sealed tightly can get spoiled much faster than that.

We recommend using it within one month after opening because no matter how ideal is the storage the nature of these glues is such that they are subject to aging, so the fresher the glue, the better. Please see production and expiry dates on the package.

When I opened the bottle the glue looked tacky. Why?

We do our best to keep adhesives freshest and properly stored. Unfortunately, we have no control over shipment and delivery conditions, some bottles can get spoiled in transit if left sitting in the delivery truck or mailbox in the heat during the hot season. Please always pay attention if the glue looks weird or unusual, has changed its normal consistence or has an abnormally bad smell.

Do I need to use primer before applying extensions with your glue?

As all glues, lash adhesives love clean surfaces. Using a primer before the application of extensions makes perfect sense because in addition to traces of make-up, dust, etc., natural lashes will have a coat of natural oil (sebum) produced by the body to protect lashes from the environment. We recommend using our primer as a part lash preparation for removing body oils from natural lashes for perfect cleanness and ultimately better retention.

What prep is best before using your adhesive?

Clean lashes are key to retention. You can use our lash shampoo to remove make-up, dust, etc. followed by our primer for final degreasing to remove sebum to have squeaky clean natural lashes for better adhesion.

Would you recommend using a nanomister with this glue?

A mister will fast cure the glue, without shock-curing, when the glue gets whitish and brittle as e.g. washed within 24 hrs, which is otherwise prohibited (when nanomister is not used). For this reason, it can be especially helpful in very humid areas, in rain season, etc., plus when fast-cured the glue will stop producing the fumes, which can irritate some sensitive clients even after the service as without misting it will take it at least 24 hours to dry. For these reasons nanomisting is a good practice, though it’s up to a lash technician and her habits whether to nanomist or not.

Does it really last 7 or 8 weeks

This is the potential staying power adhesives showed during tests in laboratory conditions. This is used as a simple and clear measure to differentiate strength of different adhesives, all of which offer retention adequate until next refill. With infills in 3-4 weeks, it would be otherwise hard to show what adhesives have stronger or milder formulas e.g. what is the difference between our Extra Strong and Sensitive, both of which offering retention adequate to hold lashes until next infill. In real life, of course, one would barely have the chance to see that it holds that long because of the natural lash growth and shedding cycle, i.e. by that time most of the natural lashes will be replaced by newly grown ones and will need an infill.

How many weeks does this last?

Different adhesives have different specifications, including the holding power, which is adequate for all adhesives to hold lashes until the next infill. Naturally the stronger the glue, the higher number of extensions will stay on average, less extensions lost with the natural lashes due to natural shedding cycle.

What would you recommend to remove lashes/adhesive?

We recommend using our gel remover for this purpose

How long until you can get the lashes wet after application with this glue?

Clients should not get their extensions wet for 24 hours after the appointment, unless a mister was used to fast-cure the glue. Adhesives need 24 hours to cure without misting. Otherwise contact with water will cause shock curing making the glue look whitish and brittle.

Can clients use oil-based eye make-up and mascara?

The answer is no. Oil-based make-up, and to that effect any oil on extensions, will ruin the bond and retention.

Is this glue for both classic and volume set?

We have a line of adhesive with different setting time and other specifications. E.g. our Extra Strong has a quick drying time of 1-2 sec. and offers long retention meant for fast lashing and strong hold. At the same time, we have the Volume glue designed with the aim to allow more time (3-4 sec. drying time), with slightly less retention, a little higher viscosity (it is slightly thicker than Extra Strong). Many find these properties comfortable for volume lashing. However, it is much subject to personal preferences. Other glues will work equally well both for classic and volume sets, provided their setting time and other properties match your lashing speed and preferences for doing volume sets.

Are your adhesives cruelty free?

Yes, all our adhesives are cruelty free. They were never tested on animals, and as they have no ingredients derived from animals can be considered vegan.

Is this glue made in America? If not, where is it made?

Our adhesives are made at an ISO quality management system certified facility in South Korea. The country of origin is indicated on the package and the bottle.

Eyelash Extension Primer 40ml

What are the ingredients are in this primer?

Ingredients: Water, Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Allantoin, Methylparaben, Fragrance, Disodium EDTA

Eye Pads 100pack

Do these slip up?

No. They should stay put throughout the service and are easy to apply, reapply and remove.

Are they cruelty free?

The under eye patches are cruelty free and vegan.

It says they have vitamin C and I know it can cause irritation with people that have sensitive skin?

It is a good point indeed. Yes, some people can be allergic to vitamin C, but the cases are rare, and most clients will feel the benefits of vitamin C combined with Aloe Vera extract which will have a mild refreshing effect on their under eye skin. Of course, these should not be used on clients who complain of irritation.

Do these pads have latex in them?

No, these pads are latex-free.

Are these eye pads vegan? Is the glycerin vegetable or animal derived?

Yes, the pads are vegan and glycerol used in them is extracted from fruit and vegetable plants.

Gel Remover 15ml

What is the list of ingredients for this remover?

The ingredients are: Propylene Carbonate, 2-Oxetanone, Polyethylene Glycol Stearyl Ether, Cetyl Alcohol Ethoxylate, Polyethylene Glycol, Vinyl Polymer, Sodium Stearate, Methyl Paraben, Propylparaben, Collagen, Fragrance.

Will this remove the lash glue by other brand?

Yes, it will, provided that it is used for removal of eyelash extensions attached using semi-permanent lash glue (with retention of over 3 weeks). It was not designed for cluster or strip lashes, which use different types of adhesives.

How long does the remover last once it is opened?

The remover has a very stable formula and once opened can be stored for about a year. Unopened bottles can be stored up to 2 years.

Is it cruelty free?

Yes, the remover is cruelty free and vegan.

Can I use it for strip lashes?

No. The remover is designed to remove eyelash extensions applied using semi-permanent adhesive.

Mink Eyelash Extensions

Are these actual mink fur or are they synthetic silk based?

Actual mink fur is very rare nowadays. However, the industry continues to use the term to describe extensions made of synthetic fibers. Our extensions are made of high quality PBT, a synthetic material too.

How long it will take you to deliver my order?

Under normal circumstances, estimated delivery dates may vary from 5 to 7 working days for packages sent within the US and up to 30 working days for international shipments*

*Please be informed that due to the upcoming peak season and ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation all over the world, both domestic and international orders may experience delays in transit. Shipping companies are doing their best to make your packages arrive on time, however, due to the general workload, it may take a little more time than usual. Unfortunately, we are not able to speed up this process, so contacting your delivery company or local post office directly may help.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. Stay safe.

What carrier do you use to deliver orders?


We use the services of FedEx delivery company, DHL eCommerce shipping service, and United States Postal Service (USPS delivery).

If I buy for delivery outside the US, will there be any additional chargers?

For orders outside the US, your total amount includes the price of the goods and delivery to your address. There is absolutely no way we can anticipate if the government in your country levies any additional duties and/or fees on your order. If a customer doesn't want to pay them and refuses the package at the customs due to this reason, no refund/replacement will be made from our side. A buyer is fully responsible for the customs clearance procedure when the package reaches its destination country. Please be informed that packages stored at the customs past their time limit may be sent back to the sender or destroyed. We are not responsible for such cases and will offer no refund or replacement for these orders. We are also not responsible for import duties and VAT (for non-US customers) and any additional fees and charges that your bank and / or your payment system may charge. Please check if your order can be subject to additional local charges before ordering.


Are there any additional charges if I order from UK?

Please note that all shipments to UK will be subject to import duty and VAT, which will NOT be included in the total price in our website because it is not possible to know specific duties and taxes on import to all countries. Please check your possible additional charges, which your government will charge you:

How can I track my order

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You can track your order by visiting the courier services websites:

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Payment methods

How do you process payments?

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Returns and refunds

Returns and refunds

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