How to work the inner corners

20/06/2019 Retention
How to work the inner corners

What are the problems one can face when doing corners?

  1. Missing some corner lashes
  2. Too long (or thick) corners
  3. Starting too far from the corner

It can take up to a third of your appointment time to make sure corners are done right.

Take your time, lashes at the corners are the most difficult to do, so occasionally some extensions would even not hold on the first try.

Another big mistake would be overdoing internal corners. Bear in mind that for 95% of customers, the length of the inner corners should start at 5 mm. Otherwise, eyelashes would mingle with each other. Never use extensions over 0.1 mm thick here.

And most importantly: make less volume closer to the corner, make 1-3 first eyelashes in 1D. For example, from 3D go down to 2D, then to 1D, from Hollywood - to 3D, then to 2D and finally to 1D again.

Happy lashing!