Lash Lift. Tips for Perfect Lash Placement

17/04/2020 Lashing practices
Lash Lift. Tips for Perfect Lash Placement

A lash lift is an effective procedure providing a fabulous result.

Lash lift procedure includes:

  •  lifting eyelashes to achieve gracefully curled look
  •  eyelash tint, which dyes lashes up to their ends and makes them look much longer
  •  applying a keratin and oil complex solution, which closes the eyelash cuticle, making it smooth and healthy, and fixes the result.

     As a result, eyelashes become darker and smoother, acquire a beautiful curl, and look longer.

    Using various lash placement styles during the lash lift procedure, you can create new and interesting effects that can help you to perfect your customer’s eyes features.

    What kinds of lash lift effects do actually exist?


  •  Vertical placement style is the most-used effect. It implies positioning the lashes in the upward straight direction. This style opens your customer’s eyes, as well as makes them more expressive and large.

    Lash Lift. Tips for Perfect Lash Placement  image - 1 | Stacy Lash
  •  Open eye placement style. It helps to open and round eyes, makes them look close-set and visually larger. To achieve this effect, eyelashes are placed in a kind of a semicircle, where inner lashes are slightly bent to the inner eye corner, and the outer lashes to the outer one. If the customer’s outer corner eyelashes grow in the outward direction, you can apply this effect for softer eyelash growth.

        Lash Lift. Tips for Perfect Lash Placement  image - 2 | Stacy Lash

  •  Cat eye placement style. Eyelashes with this effect are directed upward and start to progressively tilt to the outer eye corner closer to it. This effect visually lengthens eyes, makes them look more wide-set, and helps to achieve a very dramatic lift.



              Lash Lift. Tips for Perfect Lash Placement  image - 3 | Stacy Lash

  •  Kitten eye placement style goes well with prominent eyes. In this style, all the lashes are placed in the outer eye corner direction. It’s important to comprehend that this effect may narrow eyes as well. Therefore, you shouldn’t apply it to clients with hooded eyelids, deep-set and almond-shaped eyes.

     Lash Lift. Tips for Perfect Lash Placement  image - 4 | Stacy Lash


    Lift pads are required for performing a lash lift procedure.


    What kinds of lift pads can be found on the market today?

    Lift pads come in different colors, sizes, and names, and we will talk about their most basic features today.

    Lift pads may differ in materials they are made of. Most of them are made of silicone, we recommend you to use this type of pads as they are more convenient to apply to the eyelids, and in most cases, they are more comfortable for your customer. The lift pads can be smooth or ribbed on the surface. Ribbed pads are more suitable for artists who are newbies to lash lifts as they direct lashes straight upwards at once and help to create a more even curl. At the same time, ribbed pads make it more difficult to separate each eyelash. Consequently, experienced lash lift artists often work with smooth lift pads.

    You can come across pads designed specifically for the left and for the right eye, or you can find pads that can be used for both eyes. There is no fundamental difference in ways of using these pads in your work. Both types are convenient. Their shapes are the main difference.

    For instance, more plump pads are suitable for creating a dramatic curl, while flatter ones help to achieve a lift from the very root of the natural lashes. To choose a suitable pad, you have to consider several points as follows:

    • client’s anatomical features
    • client’s preferences and desired result
    • the length of natural eyelashes.



    Lift-hacks for your ideal lash placement technique.


    Let’s start with recollecting the basic requirements for eyelash placement applied during lash lift:

    • eyelashes should be straight, have no waves, bends, etc.;
    • all eyelashes should be as much as possible placed in parallel;
    • no intersections are acceptable;
    • lash tips should be even as well;
    • eyelashes should fit lift pads tight with no air pockets.

    You know all these tricks and use them but still can’t achieve the desired result? Then, try using the following tips:

    1. Step back more often to have a look at your work results, as a whole, from a different angle — from the side, from the customer’s side.
    2. Use a mirror to examine the root area.
    3. Take lash placement pictures. Translucent lash tips often become invisible under a layer of glue, but they can’t hide from the phone camera!

    This additional control will help you make your lash placement perfect!