Stacy Lash Horoscope

22/10/2021 Lash news
Stacy Lash Horoscope

Everybody loves horoscopes, but have you ever wondered which Stacy Lash product matches your sign? Go read this article and find out something new about yourself or maybe find some new products to try :)


You are Extra Strong adhesive because you are the bravest and most determined ones among all signs. You love dynamics, and doing your job fast, just like our speedy Extra Strong, with a drying time of 0.5 seconds.

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Just like our Primer stands on guard of your retention, you guys are the most reliable and trustworthy friends anyone could wish for. You are the greatest problem solvers. Go try our Primer sometimes, and see how the retention problem will be solved in a blink of an eye(lash).

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Just like this Volume glue is suitable both for Volume and Classic sets, you are good at multitasking, learning many things simultaneously, and planning. You are brilliant people with the ability to adapt easily.

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Like our Gel Remover, you seem super soft on the outside, but you are a tough nut deep down and capable of strong feelings. Our Gel Remover as well does its work gently but fast and effectively, so that’s why you are so similar.

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You are Mango Cream Remover, just because you have this special talent to find happiness anywhere you go. Your pride and confidence can do wonders (as our new product, which is safe and easy to use).

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Like our Lash Shampoo, you, our precious perfectionists, always aim to make everything better. You are the greatest friend any person could ask for, and our shampoo is the greatest friend for those who understand the importance of proper lash pretreatment and aftercare.

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You guys are famous for your unique style and inner beauty. Always the life of the party, you possess this talent to add bright colors to the lives of your close ones. Our Crystal Clear will help you with this, with its new transparent formula, which is perfectly suitable for creating outstanding colorful lash styles.

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You are enigmatic and confident, and that’s why you are so attractive. You resemble our Rose Remover because once you open up, you show that you can be the most gentle and lovable person ever. Your loved ones can rely upon you (and you can rely upon our remover)

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You are our innovative Lightning Speed adhesive. Your creative mind can do wonders and you are so charismatic that you steal hearts in a blink of an eye. What is a blink of an eye? It is the drying time of our glue! By the way, it’s quite a heart stealer too :)

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You are similar to our Eye Pads. Most practical and always do what was promised. Your mind is full of vitality and wisdom. Also, there is no one as hardworking and sociable as you. Try our Eye Pads sometimes, and they will make you hard work a little bit easier.

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Yay! You guys are Extra Strong Evolution! People see you as trend-makers because your views on life are truly unique. You are over-achievers like our adhesive, with an evolutionary formula, lower lever of fumes, and amazing retention.

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Like our mild Sensitive, you care about your loved ones deeply. You are the most empathetic among all signs, and you are the best mates to share one's feelings and ask for advice. Go you! So adorable.

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