The red eyes problem

30/05/2019 Client concerns
The red eyes problem

How to prevent clients from having red eyes after you did their lashes?

Let's start off with the assumption that red eyes aren’t normal, but rather a result of something gone wrong. Here's a short checklist of possible troublemakers:

  • Applying collagen or hydrogel patches too close to the eyeball that slide into the eye during lashing. The patches then swell releasing ingredients they contain to irritate the client's eye while you apply extensions. Similarly, tape attached to close could press against the mucous membrane resulting in irritation from physical contact. To avoid this, one has to be careful about applying the patches, keeping an eye on them during the extension procedure.
  • Overpulling the lower eyelid when applying patches with the result that the client cannot close keep her eyes shut tightly, exposing them to irritating fumes. If this occurs, the patches must be reapplied properly.
  • Some clients would have problems in keeping their eyes fully closed all the time, occasionally relaxing them to slightly opened (even more so, when they fell asleep) having the same effect of exposure to fumes and resulting irritation. Ladies, we have to be very careful here and control it! To avoid this one can tape the upper lid to after pulling it down using the tape or tape several NL's from the upper eyelid lower low to the patch.
  • Use of a very thick glue with high fumes. In addition, when a glue is of high viscosity, the extension tends to draw more of it. Here everything is simple, buy a new glue of thin consistence. You can choose from the Stacy Lash glues range here (Just be sure to use the right amount of glue, thinner glues require very small amount in a thin even layer).

With all the above points under control, can clients still develop red eyes?

Of course they can, but the number of such clients should be very little (about 3%), with the problem caused mostly by other factors such as increased eye sensitivity.

If every second or every third client leaves the salon with their eyes red, it makes sense to go through the list above for possible causes and ways to eliminate them.

Happy lashing!