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How to make the most perfect lash direction

Separating natural lash

Customers would often have their lashes growing crisscross, looking in all directions. Here are some tips on how to control direction and avoid copying the messy pattern of the natural growth.

Say, we have a natural lash curved towards the inner corner. So, if we stick to the natural direction, we will end up with messy extensions. We should ignore the natural direction and attach the extension to the base of the natural lash looking in the direction we need. In addition, when isolated, some lashes may tend to straighten up, we should ignore this and still attach the extension forking in the direction opposite to the wrong natural one (if in our case the NL is looking towards the inner corner, the extension should fork towards the outside).

Otherwise, when released they both will look towards the inside corner. Mind that here we speak about correct orientation we control at the base, we still attach extensions to the top of NLs curve up.

Some other things that can spoil direction uniformity:

  • non-uniform angles
  • stickies
  • attachment point too far from the base
  • extensions not sitting tightly on the base

Happy lashing!

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