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Eyelash Extensions Shampoo

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Eyelash Extensions Shampoo

When applying lash extensions, the cleansing process and the lash extension shampoo you use is actually very important. Every trained technician will need a good product to use, so let's talk a bit about the process and the best products.

How Does One Use Eyelash Extension Shampoo?

Before we can talk about the best eyelash cleansing shampoo, we need to talk about how to use lash extension shampoo. It’s actually a multi-purpose product that is essential in one’s toolkit, because the whole lash extension application process begins with the cleansing action.

When a client comes in for lash extensions, their eyelashes will not be completely clean. They may have makeup on, or the lashes may have dirt on them, traces of oils, or other impurities. A lash wash is used first and foremost, in order to make sure the natural lashes are squeaky clean and prepped for the process. A lash wash is like an eyelash shampoo that cleans the natural lashes in preparation for extensions.

As for the actual process of using it, it's very simple: just squirt a bit of the shampoo on a surface or directly on a brush, and then start applying it to the lashes, making sure to get it all over the natural lashes and gently remove as much makeup or impurities as possible.

While this step should ideally remove any traces of makeup, oils, dirt, etc. and leave the lashes clean and prepped, the technician will still apply primer to the natural lashes, after the lash shampoo treatment for extensions. That should make sure that the extensions and the glue will adhere to the lash completely, without issues.

Can Eyelash Extension Shampoo Be Used In Other Ways?

The great thing about this type of lash cleanser is that it can also be used for lash extension aftercare at home, by clients. Lash extensions can be quite delicate, so there are some strict maintenance rules that need to be followed. That includes avoiding harsh products, dry products (that would require rubbing or pulling at the lashes), and products that contain oil.

Lash shampoo for extensions and aftercare makes an excellent makeup remover, because it’s gentle and it doesn’t disrupt the extensions or the glue, as it does not require any scrubbing; just gentle motions. Even if a client does not wear makeup, this type of lash wash is still necessary a couple of times a week, to prevent built-up.

What Is The Best Lash Extension Shampoo?

When it comes to specific products in the eyelash extension cleanser or shampoo categories, every lash artist has their preferences, but the Stacy Lash lash shampoo is one of the best options on the market. It’s extremely easy to use, thanks to its foaming formula, and the brush that is included with the product.

To use it, just pump a bit of foam on a finger or directly on the brush and gently spread it along the lash line. You can cover the lashes with foam by using the brush with light, gentle, up and down movements. After gently rinsing the product off with water, the lashes then need to be left to dry, or they can be patted dry, before being brushed with a clean, dry spoolie or mascara wand.

Thanks to its light, foamy formula and gentle application, this product can be used 2 to 3 times a week, or even every day, to clean the extensions. Especially if the client uses makeup on a daily basis – particularly mascara – this product is an essential for everyday maintenance.

If you’re wondering about where to buy lash extension shampoo, there are multiple avenues you can pursue. You can get it on Amazon, directly on the manufacturer’s website, or at industry trade shows. Clients can always buy eyelash makeup remover or shampoo from the salon where they get their extensions done.

All in all, lash shampoo is a great product to use for extensions, whether it’s before application, or during the aftercare in the weeks that follow.