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Lash Removers

Lash Removers

So, you’ve crafted gorgeous eyelash extensions and have exceeded your client’s wildest expectations. What happens now? The art of eyelash removal is just as crucial to master as designing eyelash extensions and as well as working with a lash extension glue. In today’s article, let’s take a look at the various types of lash removers available on the market, the differences between these lash products and how to choose the right eyelash extension remover for you!

Lash Extension Remover

First, let’s break down the main purpose behind eyelash removers. As lash extensions are crafted with powerful lash adhesives that bond lashes for weeks on end, it’s only logical to use even more powerful formulations to break down those bonds. Professional eyelash removers work by carefully dissolving cyanoacrylate adhesives and gently removing mink lash fans from natural eyelashes. This product ensures that natural eyelashes don’t undergo damage and remain healthy even rocking after month-long professional eyelashes

Lash Remover Types

Now that we know the purpose, let’s explore the different types of eyelash extension glue removers available. The two main types of glue removers for eyelash extensions are gel and cream removers. These products differ in consistency, texture, scent and main mechanism of action. Gel removers are usually thinner in texture and are best used to remove a handful of individual mink lashes. Cream removers are thicker in consistency and are utilized to remove entire lash lines in one sitting. 

Gel Remover and Cream Remover Usage Specifications

Speaking of their differences, now let’s review the specific usage tips for both gel and cream removers. As gel removers remove part of the lash fills, the best way to use this product is to apply the lash remover for lash extensions only on those fans that have experienced fall-out. Touch-ups and re-dos have never been easier thanks to gel removers!


If you want to craft brand new lash fills, then cream removers are the products for you. Simply coat the entire lash line with the thick lash cream or gel remover and let it dissolve all even the most powerful of bonds. 

Which Lash Extension Remover To Choose?

Lastly, let’s see which lash glue removers to choose. 

If you are a lash beginner, progressively developing your technical skills, it’s better to opt for cream lash adhesive removers that are easier to work with as you make your way across the lash line. If you are more confident in your skills, then gel lash glue removers are the perfect choice for effortless removal procedures!