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Vetus Tweezers

Vetus Tweezers

Lash extension tweezers are diverse lash tools that help lash artists with the technical application process. But what are the different types of lash extension tweezers and how can we choose the right tool to use?

Eyelash Extension Tweezers

The first question on everyone’s mind is - what are Vetus eyelash tweezers? Used to pick up, detach, isolate and apply individual lash fans, the Vetus tweezers are high-quality tools that are manufactured for professional use. Whether crafting Classic, Volume, Hybrid lash styles or doing touch-ups, Vetus eyelash tweezers can accommodate any part of the eyelash extension procedure, starting from the detachment of individual lash fans to the layered application technique! 

How To Choose The Right Lash Tweezers

As we’ve mentioned, lash tweezers are crafted with various shapes and tip structures. The diversity of Vetus tweezers allows a wide range of operations. What make the Stacy Lash Vetus tweezers right for all lash technicians are their non-corrosive stainless steel, precision-tip, acid-resistant and ergonomic designs. Knowing the main purposes and functions of lash tweezers can help you find the right lash tool. 

What Are The Different Types of Vetus Eyelash Tweezers?

The Stacy Lash Vetus tweezers for eyelash extensions usually differ in their tip shapes and purposes. Let’s take a look at some tweezer tip shapes. The A-shape tweezers, such as 2-SA and 00-SA models, are meant to isolate the roots of Classic eyelash extensions. I and F tweezers, such as the 5A-SA models, are similar in function, as they isolate and detach individual lash fans. For lash fill crafting and layering, S and L-shaped tweezers are here to help. With comfortable handles and smooth textures, the Vetus tweezers for eyelash extensions almost feel like a natural continuation of your hand!

Storing And Caring For Lash Extensions Tweezers

Now that we know how to use our Vetus tweezers, it’s time to see the best storing and caring practices for professional lash extension tweezers. As lash tweezers work by picking up delicate and fine lash fans, it’s essential to keep their tips in top shape.

This means, avoiding scratching and buffing. Investing in lash extension storage cases can help you safely keep all of your favorite lash tools in one place! Available in two glamorous colors, the Stacy Lash Tweezer Storage Case can cushion to up 4 individual lash tweezers and keep these tools from scratching the surfaces. If you want to purchase high-quality lash accessories e. g. Vetus tweezers, browse the Stacy Lash supply store and invest in your professional future today!