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Double Layer Eyelash Extensions

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We all love Volume lashes. But what if we want to create lash sets that have even fuller and luscious designs? Introducing - the Double Layer Lash Extensions! The Double Layer lashes are the perfect solutions for professional lash artists who want to deliver long-standing volume lash extensions to their clients. Here is the full breakdown of Double Layer Lashes!

Double Layer Eyelash Extensions


What are Double Layer Lashes?

Double Layer volume lashes are eyelash extension fans that have 2 different curls layered on top of one another. The combination of C and D curls as lashes for lash extensions create double-layer and fuller fan effects. The Double Layer mink lashes are available in 0.05 and 0.07 mm diameters, are lightweight on the eyes and can design unique lash sets for each individual client. 

Application Techniques For Double Layer Lashes

The Double Layer lash extensions can be applied using the Russian volume technique, where multiple mink extensions can be applied to each natural lash. Thanks to their weightless properties, double layered eyelashes can bring drama and boldness without overwhelming the client’s natural lashes. 

Tips To Use

Simply remove the fans attached to the tray and begin applying them to natural lashes. A pro tip when working with Double Layer lash extensions, is to start with one fan extension and slowly layer up the lashes. Although the Double Layer lashes are all about one-of-a-kind lash fills, it’s also important to consider our client’s wishes and needs. 

Begin by cleaning the eye area and attaching under-eye pads. Next, cleanse the client’s natural lashes using foaming lash shampoos. The cleaner the natural lashes are, the higher the extension retention. Finally, attach the Double Layer lashes one by one using long-lasting eyelash extension glues. 

The key factor of  Double Layer lashes is to work with premium-quality lash products that have stable and long-standing curls. The Double Layer mink fur lashes manufacturer - Stacy Lash has top-quality PBT material Double Layer lashes optimal for professional lash artists. 

How Do You Maintain Them?

Proper eyelash aftercare is the best way to maintain fresh Double Layer lashes. Inform your clients about the importance of daily lash cleanses with high-quality lash shampoos. Regular cleansing routines can ensure that the Double Layer mink lashes stay in mint condition, even weeks after initial application. Along with aftercare, remind your clients to freshen up their lash fills in 6 to 8 weeks, as the natural lashes begin to shed.