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Elevate Your Beauty with Stacy Lash Extension Treatments

Welcome to our lash supply store, where we introduce you to a world of exquisite eyelash treatments designed to make lashes truly unforgettable. Our eye lash treatments will become your essential allies in the journey to lash perfection.

Lash Shampoo: A Fresh Start for Lashes

So how to prep lashes for extensions? The journey to luscious lash extensions begins with clean natural lashes. Our lash shampoo is specially formulated to cleanse and prepare natural lashes. This vital step eliminates oils, sebum, and makeup residue that can hinder the adhesive's bond. By using our lash shampoo, you ensure that the extensions adhere flawlessly, resulting in lashes that are both secure and stunning.

Primer: Lashes' Best Friend

Think of our lash primer as the foundation for a work of art. It serves as the ideal canvas, ensuring that your eyelash extensions have the perfect base to adhere to. The primer helps create a clean, adhesive-friendly environment on your natural lashes, maximizing the bond's strength and durability. A seamless, professional look begins with our primer.

Bonder: Seal the Deal with Longevity

Our lash bonder is the key to longevity for eyelash extensions. It provides a secure seal that keeps the extensions in place and looking fabulous for weeks. By using our bonder, you'll enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your clients’ eyelash extensions remain securely bonded and maintain their stunning appearance even in the face of daily
activities. Shock polymerization will no longer be an issue, and your clients will be able to expose their lashes to moisture straight after the procedure. Bonder also locks up the fumes of the Cyanoacrylate, resulting in safer procedure, minimizing the risk of reaction.

Booster: Speed Up Your Lash Transformation

Introducing our lash glue booster, a secret weapon in the world of eyelash treatments. Also known as a glue accelerator, this product is designed to expedite the drying process of lash adhesive, allowing for quicker and more efficient application. By using our lash glue booster, you reduce wait times during your lash extension sessions, and your clients can enjoy their stunning new lashes even sooner. Say goodbye to long drying periods and hello to a faster, more convenient lash transformation process. Prep for eyelash extensions flawlessly, as it opens hand-made fans and controls humidity level as well.

Lash Serum: Nourish, Enhance, and Flourish

Want to take your lash game to new heights? Our lash serum is the answer. This miracle worker contains nourishing ingredients that promote the health and vitality of natural lashes. Whether you're wearing extensions or not, our Premium Lash Serum supports lash growth and strength, making lashes the perfect canvas for achieving the desired look.

Path to Mesmerizing Lashes

Our eyelash treatments hold the key to breathtaking lashes. Whether you're preparing your client for lash extensions or simply seeking to enhance your natural beauty, our lash supply store has you covered. Explore the world of lash treatments, unveil the beauty within, and let your lash artistry take center stage. The journey to mesmerizing lashes starts here.