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The Different Kinds Of Eyelash Extension Treatment

As you may already know, part of the lash extension process is to treat the lashes before certain steps, in order to ensure a successful application. Here are the primary types of eyelash treatment that a technician should perform on a client during the lash extension application process.

What Kind Of Eyelash Extension Treatment Is Performed During Application?

The first thing that a technician does, before starting work, is to prep the area, including the skin and the lashes. There are special under-eye pads that are applied in order to protect the under-eye area during the application process.

  • Cleansing the lashes

And speaking of the lashes and oils, the natural lashes also need to be prepped with the help of a cleanser. It's a very important part of the eyelash extension treatment that they are thoroughly cleansed with a product like the Stacy Lash lash shampoo, in order to make sure that the natural lashes are as clean as they can be. If there are impurities, sebum, or traces of makeup left on them, then the effectiveness of the glue and of the application itself can be compromised.

The exact same cleanser can also be used by the client at home, as part of their ongoing aftercare and treatment. It's essential to use a gentle makeup remover like this, as to not disrupt the lashes or the glue.

  • Priming the lashes

The next step is to prime the eyelashes as another part of the treatment. Primer is essential in order to make sure that the natural lashes are appropriately prepped for the extension application. Technicians use Stacy Lash eyelash extension primer or a similar product to remove unwanted traces of makeup or sebum. Primer is applied on the lashes using microbrushes, for the most detailed, precise application. One can also use q-tips for this purpose, but there is a risk of lint being shed on the lashes, which can be a pain to remove.

  • Removing the lashes

Finally, we have the remover, which is part of the treatment for extension removal. This is used by the technician to remove the extensions rapidly and easily, without pain and without damaging or pulling out natural lashes. The Stacy Lash gel remover is perfect for the job, because it dissolves the adhesive in just 60 seconds.

If the client respects the care instructions and does not try to take them off at home (not even with remover) and instead either waits for them to fall out naturally or visits the salon to get them taken off with remover, then the natural lashes are protected and in perfect shape.

As you can see, there are different types of treatments performed on the lashes during the extension application treatment. Each and every step is very important for the success of the procedure.