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Lash Lift

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Permed eyelashes are no longer a pipe dream. Thanks to lash lift kits, the semi-permanent effect of curled and striking eyelashes is now rocking for weeks. But what exactly are the eyelash perm kits and which tools can be found in these bundles?

Lash Lift

Lash Lift Kit Specifications

Lash lift kits are professional eyelash bundles that are designed for experienced and certified lash technicians. These kits are equipped with all the necessary eyelash extensions supplies that are used to craft eyelash perms. Let’s talk about the Stacy Lash Lift Kit.

Experienced lash artists can find specific lash solutions, cleansing water solutions, silicone lift pads, disposable combs and special wands in their lash lift kit. Along with the detailed instructions, each lash lift supplie plays a significant role in the perming process. The different types of chemical solutions help clean, perm and nourish the client's natural eyelashes. The silicone pads help protect the delicate under eye skin, while the disposable combs and wands help shape the freshly lifted eyelashes. 

Product Effect

We know that the lash lifting kits help perm the natural eyelashes. But what type of results can we exactly expect when we perform this eyelash treatment? As the name suggests, lash lift kits work to curl and define natural eyelashes’ shape. Thanks to powerful perming solutions, lashes can have a semi-permanent lift effect for about 4-6 weeks. 

Many clients prefer to perming their eyelashes instead of getting extensions, as both of these procedures can provide similar results. From fuller-looking lash lines, to darker lash hairs, lash lifting sets can be a semi-permanent solution your client has been looking for! Plus, all clients enjoy pleasant compliments about their natural lashes!

Tips To Use

The lash lift process begins by cleansing the natural lashes and attaching the silicone lift pads to the upper eyelids using the perm glue. The best way to approach this treatment is to prepare your tools in advance, so you can switch between applying the perming, fixing and nourishing solutions effortlessly. Make sure to thoroughly remove each solution before applying the next one. Don’t forget to wash off all the residue of the lashes and brush them up gently after the lift procedure is done.

Perm Glue

The secret of beautiful and fluffy eyelashes is the lift glue that should be found in every lash lifting kit. With the new and advanced formula, Stacy Lash perm glue is safe and easy to use. This adhesive contains Keratin and D-Biotin - ingredients that aim to strengthen, protect and nourish the natural lashes. Along with being latex-free and vegan, this perm glue have medium consistency that are convenient to work with and even a beginner lash artist who just starts their journey can perform the procedure smoothly! Visit the Stacy Lash supply store to get a high-quality Lash Lift Kit and create the incredible eyelash perms your clients have been dreaming of!