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Eyelash Extension Glues That Salons Use

In contrast to an intended for falsies adhesive, a glue for lashes known as extensions belongs to the class of semi-permanent glues meaning that eyelash extensions will remain on natural lashes for a prolonged time having correspondingly strong ingredients.

Considering the above, semi-permanent adhesives should be used only by skilled licenced lash artists working in a salon or running their own professional lash studio. These requirements come from the necessity to comply with all the precautionary rules while working with the area near eyes and skin in general.

The big calling of eyelash extensions is to serve as a permanent make-up allowing one not to worry about mascara on a daily basis. Semi-permanent adhesives were created to fulfill this goal ensuring reliable and proper setting.

Can eyelash adhesives be used for self-application?

The thing to remember about professional eyelash adhesive is that it is strongly unrecommended for home use. Eyelash extensions should only be applied by a trained and licensed technician, ideally at a reputable salon since the application procedure requires a high degree of skill. Done improperly, it imposes a risk of seriously damaging natural lashes, or even hurting your eyes.

Why are Eyelash Extension Adhesives from Stacy Lash chosen by professionals

A professional artificial eyelashes glue cannot be replaced with any other type of glue lash procedures, such as strip or cluster lashes application, are done with.

A professional eyelash extension glue is distinguished by a number of certain features, and Stacy Lash adhesives have them all. Here is a list of characteristics which the glue lash extensions get applied with should or may be equipped with, each shown-cased by one of Stacy Lash adhesives featuring it in a particularly outstanding manner.

  1. Strong Hold (retention is up to 8 weeks in the manufacturer’s laboratory) - Lightning Speed, Extra Strong, Extra Strong Evolution.
  2. High Speed (setting time is 1-2 seconds) - Lightning Speed, Extra Strong, Extra Strong Evolution.
  3. Great Grip (perfect adjustment of premade fans for Russian Volume) - Volume.
  4. Mild Formula (close to hypoallergenic effect for sensitive clients) - Sensitive.
  5. Colorful eyelashes’ Compatibility (Carbon-black free, looks organic both with black and colorful extensions) - Crystal Clear.

Where to buy a lash glue from Stacy Lash

If you are a lash pro who is looking to buy an eye lashes glue a cost for it may vary depending on whether it is a local store you opt for or the product has to be delivered from a comparative far-away.

However, nowadays the meaning of the term “local” is experiencing quite a shift since most brands out there take advantage of the combination of the World net and a reliable post provider to deliver their goods whatever shipping address is provided by a customer. Thus, Stacy Lash Store can be called “local” by those who live in the beautiful state of CA since our warehouse’s address begins with CA (San Diego and Sacramento, San Francisco and Los Angeles - give us a high five!). Still, we do our best to be local for any other state within the US: Houston or San Antonio in Texas, Nashville in Tennessee, Orlando in Florida, Miami in Florida and so on - we are honored to be your eyelash extension glues provider. The delivery cost remains the same for all the states and only goes slightly higher for Hawaii and Alaska.

While we always keep the price for our products exceptionally reasonable, when it comes to the wholesale lash glues’ prices are a real pleasure that we here, at Stacy Lash, are happy to provide our customers with together with high-quality service and constant support.

What Should You Avoid?

While eyelash extensions can be the low-maintenance option compared to creating a full makeup look every day or applying regular falsies, there are still some maintenance steps you need to respect, mostly to make sure you are keeping the glue intact:

  • Oil-based products are to be avoided at all cost: the oil can break down the glue for lash extensions, and cause them to fall out sooner. That means that taking makeup off with oil-based cleansers is a no-no, as are eye products that contain oils, such as mascara or eyeliner. Pay extra attention to the ingredients list on the products used.
  • Do not rub your eyes or pull at your eyes, because that can not only bend your extensions and ruin their shape, but it can also loosen the glue. You want to take your makeup off using gentle motions and tapping paired with light pressing, as opposed to rubbing and scrubbing.
  • Avoid curling your extensions, as traditional mechanical eyelash curlers can damage the lashes and pull them out, thus loosening the glue.
  • Do not use waterproof eye makeup products, because they are extremely difficult to take off, especially mascara. When products with intense staying power are used, they will require a stronger makeup remover, or one that is oiled based. In addition, it may require more pressure or even some rubbing to take the product off, which can damage both the glue and the lashes themselves.

What Should You Do Instead?

If you want to keep your long-lasting eyelash adhesive perfect until the end and maintain the extensions in pristine condition, there are a few things that can be done to protect them:

  • Only use washable products that are as gentle as possible to apply and remove. That includes eyeliner and mascara. The best eyeliner to use is washable liquid eyeliner (pencil can be a bit rough to apply and gel is too difficult to remove) and your mascara should have a light, thin formula that won’t weigh down your lashes.
  • The ideal makeup remover when you have extensions applied with individual eyelashes glue is something like the Stacy Lash lash shampoo. It's a gentle formulation that can be used both at the salon and at home, and removes any trace of eye makeup, including mascara. It’s vegan, and it doesn’t contain undesirable ingredients like parabens, sulfates, ethylene oxide, phthalates, or other similar substances. Just put it on a cotton pad and gently press on the lid to remove the product.

As you can see, using the right glue with eyelash extensions is very important, so always make sure the right professional glue is used and that you maintain it properly at home.