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Tools & Accessories

The Ultimate Eyelash Extension Tools

Lash extension application is a complex procedure that requires a multitude of tools. Let's take a look at what one needs to use to successfully apply extensions as well and as quickly as possible.

Lash Extension Application – What Is The Tool List?

The technician starts out by prepping the area, in order to make sure everything is clean and in its place. It’s also recommended for everything to be within reach and as conveniently placed as possible. Lastly, of course, the actual application process also requires a few lash supplies and tools, as follows:

  • Under-eye pads

Under-eye pads are the first thing you need, in order to protect the under-eye area and the lower lashes from any drops of glue, primer, remover, or other unwanted fall-out during application or removal. Ideally, they are a bit flexible to allow for fitting around different eye shapes. The Stacy Lash eyelash extension patches do the job perfectly, because they're lint-free and have the bonus of being impregnated with Aloe Vera, for a refreshing effect.

  • Primer

Primer is important because it preps the lashes and strips them of any oils that may interfere with the process.

  • Tweezers

The ultimate lash extension tool, tweezers are some of the most important parts, because these are used to pick up the extensions and apply them with maximum precision exactly where they need to be. Two different pairs of tweezers are mainly used for application: isolating tweezers and lashing tweezers.

  • Lash brushes

Another essential, lash brushes are there to ensure that every single lash is separated and beautifully applied upright, in the correct position. In the absence of lash brushes, the extensions may adhere at a wrong angle, so they are an absolute necessity.

  • Eyelash extension tape

Tape serves the same purpose as the under-eye pads, with some technicians preferring it in order to protect the under-eye area and lower lashes. Some artists even use a combination of both, taping the pads in the desired position.

  • Microbrushes + Q-tips

Remember when we mentioned primer? You need microbrushes to apply it to the lashes, because they are the most precise and effective. You can technically also use q-tips as impromptu lash extension tools, but you run the risk of leaving lint all over the client’s lashes. Both the microbrushes and the q-tips can also be used to apply remover, when it’s time for the extensions to come off.

  • Adhesive ring

A lot of technicians use an adhesive ring, in order to have the glue handy. That way, it's very convenient to apply it to each extension, in the appropriate amount, and without stalling the procedure.

  • Stone

Crystal stone serves a practical purpose by giving you a nice slate to put your glue on. The adhesive will remain fresh and handy, so you don’t have to fiddle with that during application.

As you can see, a beautiful extension application depends not only on the level of skill and experience of the technician, but also on the tools they use and their quality.