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Colored Eyelash Extensions


Colored Eyelash Extensions

We all love the classic mink eyelash extensions that give us a confidence boost. But what’s better than rocking one-of-a-kind colored lashes that immediately take your style to the next level? Introducing the Stacy Lash Colorful Eyelash Extensions - the high-quality tinted lashes you’ve been dreaming of! 


What Are Colored Mink Lashes?


The world of eyelash extensions is very diverse and versatile. There is a style that can fit everyone's personal style. Including colored mink eyelashes! With tinted soft tips, unique sets and reliable textures, you can create countless designs and finishes. 


Why Choose Colored Lashes?


Colorful eyelash extensions are perfect for those seeking to add more pizazz and sparkle into their everyday looks. Thanks to colored individual lashes, you can be the mastermind behind your striking lash fills. 


Benefits of Stacy Lash Colored Eyelash Extensions


Finding high-quality colored individual eyelash extensions has never been easier! Here is why the Stacy Lash Colored Eyelash Extensions are the right products for you. 


Premium Quality


Crafted with the highest quality PBT material, the Stacy Lash colored lashes for eyelash extensions have stable curls, optimal lengths and thicknesses. Perfect for any professional lash artist!


Rich Colors & Tints


Glance through the abundance of colors, hues and tints that are available at your fingertips. From the boldest of reds, oranges and blues to the classic brown shades, the Stacy Lash colored individual eyelash extensions can deliver both festive and elegant extensions finishes. 


Affordable Prices


With 20 rows of eyelash extensions accessible in every set, Stacy Lash Colored Eyelash Extensions are affordable products that can accommodate both lash beginners and experienced lash techs.