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The popular claim among shady sellers is "Our glue is hypoallergenic!". It’s very attractive from the marketing point of view, but is it honest? It’s seen as a strong selling point, especially in the realm of individual eyelash extensions and semi-permanent eyelash adhesives. But can this dream become a reality?

When dealing with clients with sensitive eyes, the choice of eyelash glue is critical. Sensitive lash glues are designed to minimize the risk of allergic reactions, making lash extensions a viable option for a broader range of clients. Even if such people have personal sensitivities, there are special glues that will work for them.

This article aims to dissect the term “hypoallergenic lash extension glue”, exploring its validity and guiding professionals in choosing the best products for their clients with sensitive eyes.


What Inside The Glue?

“Hypoallergenic” implies that there is almost zero chance for the product to cause an allergic reaction. In the context of eyelash glue, this means the formulation is crafted without the potentially harmful elements. That’s not true. There’s no such thing is “hypoallergenic lash glue” or “hypoallergenic lash extensions procedure”. All adhesives from this class will contain Cyanoacrylate, a strong component that ensures bonding and long-lasting hold but causes irritation, especially for people with sensitive eyes. So, this word is just a word that is used to increase sales and make people who ignorantly want to use such glue for self-application put themselves in danger.

For clients with sensitive eyes, exposure to the cyanoacrylate fumes in lash glue can lead to redness, itching, and swelling. Therefore, choosing the right glue is paramount for their comfort and safety. For such cases, Stacy Lash has its trusted Sensitive glue, and plans to launch the new one, PMMA free adhesive. A common misconception is that “Sensitive” means allergy-proof. However, it simply means the product is less likely to cause an allergic reaction, not that it’s completely free of allergens. It has a milder formula, and reduced fumes level.


Secrets Unlocked

The best lash glues for sensitive clients that are often called “hypoallergenic glue for eyelash extensions” by mistake are formulated with reduced amounts of cyanoacrylate and are free from other common irritants like formaldehyde. They often contain gentler, medical-grade ingredients.

When selecting the right eyelash glue, professionals should look for products with minimal irritants, verify the ingredient list, and consider client feedback. Patch tests are also essential to ensure client safety.

At Stacy Lash, we are going to break down our newest glue (Spoiler Alert!) which will be the safest in our product range. It’s not exactly hypoallergenic eyelash extension glue, but pretty close. We will surely create a separate blogpost announced to the launch of this premium adhesive. So far, we still think that

our good old Sensitive shouldn’t be forgotten. Though it’s not exactly hypoallergenic eyelash glue, this glue is specifically designed for sensitive eyes, boasting a gentle formula that reduces the risk of allergic reactions. With a focus on safety without compromising on effectiveness, Stacy Lash Sensitive glue is an excellent choice for clients who have previously experienced discomfort with standard eyelash glues. It’s beginner friendly and a little bit slow, but you can always speed it up with the Super Booster! :)

Professionals should remember that while Stacy Lash offers a safer alternative, it’s crucial to conduct a thorough consultation and patch test for each client. This step is vital for identifying any potential reactions and ensuring the client’s comfort and safety.



The claim "Our glue is hypoallergenic!", “We offer only hypoallergenic eyelash extensions services!” should be approached with a clear understanding of what hypoallergenic means in the context of eyelash extension glues. While no product can guarantee zero allergic reactions, milder options provide a safer alternative for clients with sensitive eyes. In need to select the best products for your clients, keep their safety and comfort at the forefront. And Stacy Lash got you covered! Remember, the right lash glue can make a significant difference in the lash extension experience for clients with sensitive eyes.

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