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Take Your Time! A Well-Executed Lash Work Worth Every Minute

Lash Extension Process

They say ‘quality work is the best business plan’, and we couldn’t agree more! When it comes to application pace and work speed, many beginner lash artists often put too much pressure on themselves. Well, we are here to tell you - take your time, as a well-executed lash work and the final product are worth every minute! 


Don’t Compare Experienced and Beginner Artists


As we’ve mentioned, many novice lash techs aspire to perform on the same level as experienced and master lash artists. The reality is, it’s best not to compare your lash work speeds, application paces or techniques to other artists because everyone works in their own unique ways!

For example, advanced lash techs who have spent years crafting a full set of lashes, may complete their work even in under an hour. However, a beginner to the lash world may need much more time, and that’s totally ok! The important thing is to not get discouraged or intimidated by your fellow lash artists, but instead, use their expertise as your inspiration! 


Eliminate Self-Doubt


Along with pressure, beginners and novice artists often experience moments of self-doubt. Again, let’s remember that even the most advanced lash artists have their specific work routines and timing. That is why two similarly experienced lash techs may perform at different speeds. 

A great way to eliminate self-doubt or stress, is to take notes from your fellow artists. Observe their application methods and techniques and ask questions! Even the smallest lash trick may help you become a better technician!


Choose The Right Glue


When talking about application pace/work speed we must also mention the importance of using high-quality tools and products. Choosing the right adhesive is a major part of designing gorgeous and long-lasting lashes. But did you know, that even glue drying times also depend on the expertise of the lash artist?

So, for example, a beginner lash artist may benefit from the slow-drying adhesive, like the Stacy Lash Sensitive glue. This adhesive dries within 5-6 seconds, has a thicker consistency so it is more comfortable to work with and it gives new artists a bit more time to maneuver the lash extensions. 

As for more experienced lash techs, we recommend fast-drying adhesives, like the recently launched Stacy Lash Extra Strong Evolution Advanced glue that dries in just 1 second and works in wide ranges of humidity and temperature. After all, premium quality products are meant to help your application pace, and not work against it! 

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