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Do Lash Clients Ever Need To Take A Break From Eyelash Extensions?

Lash Clients

The luxury world of eyelash extensions is no stranger to newcomers and inexperienced clients. You, as a professional lash technician, may encounter clients who are worried about their natural lashes, and possible damage caused by extensions. Some think this procedure causes strain on natural lashes, while others are scared of premature lash shedding. Eyelash extensions are a very safe treatment, but only when it is performed by licensed and experienced technicians. Having said that, there are rare instances when clients are advised to take a break from their glamorous extensions. 


Eye Irritation


When new clients come into the salon, they are unaware if eyelash extensions may cause them irritation and discomfort. If clients notice redness, itchiness, swelling or even pain around their eye area, it’s highly advised to step back from eyelash extensions. 

Let your clients and their immune systems recover completely, before they set up their next appointments. After all, eyelash extensions are meant to bring confidence and glamour, but definitely not pain or any type of discomfort. 


Damaged Lashes


As we’ve mentioned, eyelash extensions are a safe procedure when handled by professional lash artists. However, in rare cases clients may experience natural lash damage caused by the incorrect application technique. 

Choosing too long and heavy extensions may lead to natural lash strain and injury. It is very important to pick out and apply the right extensions that will suit natural lashes. So if a client’s natural lashes are damaged or too weak due to this reason, look out for healthy grown lashes before attaching new extensions. 


Dirty Lash Extensions


Just like any other beauty treatment, voluminous and beautiful lash extensions also need to be properly taken care of. Debris, dirt and oil build-up can be avoided with daily eyelash extension cleansing routines. Regular cleaning helps lashes avoid harmful infections and microscopic mites. 

Lazy clients who don’t complete their daily cleansing routines should be advised to take a break from extensions, as to not promote eye infections and bacterial infiltration. 


Lash Pulling


And last but not least, let’s also briefly mention eyelash pulling and tugging. As weeks go by, eyelashes experience natural fall-out and shedding. When this occurs, the extensions follow along with the natural lashes. 

At the end of the lash growth cycles, many clients get impatient waiting for their extensions to fall out, and they begin to tug and pull at the lashes. These actions eventually cause irritation, damage and premature lash shedding. This is why it’s recommended to have regular extension appointments set up weeks in advance. 

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