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How Clients Choose Lash Artists - Key Points They Pay Attention To

How Clients Choose Lash Artists - Key Points They Pay Attention To

Lash artistry is one part mastering the skill and the other part - having loyal clients. Even as a brand new lash technician, finding and building a client base is one of the first things you should do. But how can you guarantee that a client will choose you as a lash artist? Well, in today’s article, we want to share some key points clients pay attention to when looking for a lash technician. From a welcoming environment to skill and expertise, here is what lash clients want from their trusted lash ladies. 




Any occupation in the world requires a certain level of professionalism. Especially, when it comes to communicating and being connected with people. One of the first things clients look for in their lash technician is professionalism.

Along with your knowledge and experience, clients want to see your expertise. This may mean sharing some general information about eyelash treatments, explaining the procedures or dedicating the time and energy to meet the client’s needs. Showing professionalism could earn you incredible points with new clients. 


A Pleasant Environment


Fresh clients, who are just stepping into the world of lashes, may be anxious when setting up appointments. Some may be nervous about the specific procedures, while others simply want reassurance from their lash technicians. 

It is important to create a welcoming and pleasant environment for your clients. Respect, a nice smile and a friendly conversation can go a long way for new and shy ladies. Even going over the procedure step-by-step can earn the trust and approval of your future clients. 


Creativity and Diversity


And the last key point most clients look for - is the lash technician’s ability to be creative and versatile with their skills. As a professional and experienced lash artist, you should showcase your talent and creativity. But how? 

This can be done by sharing some photos or videos of your completed works. Building a portfolio with a collection of your brilliantly done lash sets is also a great way to demonstrate your diversity as a lash technician. And do you want to know the best part of it all? Your new clients will be amazed by the dedication and passion you put into your craft and artistry! 

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