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How To Sleep With Eyelash Extensions

Sleep With Eyelash Extensions

Have your clients ever experienced mysterious lash fall out? Are their lashes shedding even though they follow proper aftercare steps? Well, surprisingly enough, this may be the result of sleep. Yes, you read that right - sleep. In our today’s article, let’s explain how sleep can affect lash retention. Along with all the do’s and don’ts, we want to help you inform your clients about how to sleep with eyelash extensions, and hopefully, put an end to confusing lash fall out. 

Sleeping Positions


It’s a known fact that certain sleeping positions can have serious effects on lash extension retention and shedding. 

DON’T - As most toss and turn in bed while hugging their pillows, the delicate eyelash extensions get exposed to too much pressure. This can lead to unnecessary tugging motions and result in premature fall out.

DO - For optimal sleeping positions, it’s best to catch Zzz’s while sleeping on your back. With the lashes facing upward, the extensions will be free from any external pressure, as they remain untouched throughout the night. 




Another damaging factor, many lash beginners don't think about, revolves around pillowcases. The material of a pillowcase can influence the way eyelash extensions look. 

DON’T - Even though cotton pillowcases are quite common, they may actually create major friction between the lash extensions and the fabric. Friction can then result in premature loss of your lash extensions.

DO - Silk pillowcases are the better overall choice, not only for the lash extensions, but for the face as well. Wrinkle-free and striking lash mornings sound perfect to us!


  Eye Masks


And last but not least, let’s not forget to mention how eye masks can also be the secret culprits to premature eyelash shedding. 

DON’T - While eye masks can help with insomnia and restless nights, the physical material of the mask may put extra pressure on the eyelash extensions. 

DO - We suggest opting for contoured eye masks that won’t have direct contact with the eyelash extensions. Say goodbye to eye rubbing at night, because contoured eye masks are here to save the day!

And here we have it. The science behind how sleep can affect lash retention, and how your clients can have quality sleep without worrying about their fabulous lash extensions. We hope that with our informative tips and tricks, you and your loyal clients will discover the truth behind puzzling lash fall out and poor eyelash extension retention. 

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