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Patch Test. Lash Extensions Safety Tips

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What are eyelash extensions safety tips? These recommendations will help you understand how to perform the procedure completely safely and successfully for your client. Today we offer you to ask yourself, is it really important to perform a patch test before the appointment? What is a patch test anyway? 

Well, firstly we want to assure you that the patch test indeed is important and it is an essential safety precaution that nobody should neglect. Because is eyelash glue safe for eyes? The answer is no, as there is a possibility of a reaction during the lash session. In order to give your client the most pleasant experience and help them get the most out of your services you have to be a guru in eyelash extensions health and safety. Today, we will show you how, why and when. 

What is it anyway? 

When you are doing a patch test, you ensure that your client won’t experience any negative reactions during the procedure. This test should be performed on each new client that comes to you or on somebody who is doing lash extensions for the first time. You should do it at least 24 hours before you start working on the beautiful lash set with your customer so that you could notice if there are any issues or if the cost is clear and the client is ready to have their lashes done. There are sometimes possibility of a reaction, due to the contact of your adhesive with another treatments you use (remover, primer, etc.). Or, some clients can show personal sensitivities to the ingredients contained in the adhesive. 

How to...

In order to do a patch test you can apply a couple of lash extensions on the outer corner of the client’s eye. If there will be no reaction within the next 24 hours, then your client is ready to get their lashes done. If you have faced such a situation when a person doesn’t want to do a patch test, you can offer them to sign the document that they agree to do a lash extensions procedure and you won’t hold any responsibility in case of a negative reaction. 

This procedure is really a game changer and it means taking care of eyelash extensions and your attenders as well. 


The priority of safe procedure 

During the procedure, you work with Cyanoacrylate-based, semi-permanent lash extensions glue for 2-3 hours. This means if a reaction or allergy occurs, this will be surely an unpleasant experience for both you and your client. That is why the essentiality of a patch test is undeniable. Some lash techs think that it’s not necessary, but in such a way you can ensure that there won’t be any refunds or angry customers in the future. It can ba rather frustrating to find out that your clients experienced a reaction and a beautiful set of lashes was created in vain. When performing a patch test you never know will there be any issues or reactions, or not. But it’s always better safe than sorry, that’s for sure. 


A patch test is you ticket to a successful lash extensions procedure as you don’t risk time, money and effort you put into this work. If your clients showed personal sensitivities, you can always pick a milder glue or choose different treatments to save the day! This will work out just fine.

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