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Reasons That Cause Clients To Go Elsewhere

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When our clients seek lash services from a different artist, it’s very easy to take it personally and start questioning yourself: ‘what did I do wrong?’ Building client relationships are very special, as our clients trust us with their time, money, appearance and even their eyes! Let’s discuss why our clients may seek different lash artists and some tips on keeping our loyal clients coming back to us. 




One of the main reasons why your previous clients may start working with other lash artists is because of their budget. The price of your services may be out of their budgetary reach, and that’s totally ok! You can’t always accommodate everyone’s personal budget and your highest quality services and skills need proper compensation. 

Over time, as you become more experienced, your prices for valuable services may increase. While you may lose a couple of your previous clients, you will have more room for new clients who are comfortable meeting your highest quality service fees. 




Another common reason is due to scheduling conflicts or tight appointment times. Booking lash sessions weeks in advance may not align with our client’s personal lifestyles or their day-to-day schedules.

The best way to ensure our clients won’t cancel at the last minute is to kindly remind them a few days in advance of their appointment. This way, your clients will appreciate your attentiveness and will keep in mind how to properly set up their week. 




And last but not least, our clients may prefer to book appointments with lash artists who are simply closer to their homes or workplaces. Convenient distance and travel times are sometimes necessary when considering how busy our clients can be on a daily basis. 


Tips On Keeping Our Clients


Now, let’s discuss what we can do as lash artists to make sure our loyal clients keep coming back to us and our services. After all, loyalty goes a long way in the glamorous world of lash extensions!

Having positive and friendly client relationships is one of the best ways we can maintain our loyal clients. Along with being professional and respectful, it’s always nice to have a friendly chat with our new clients. 

Showing dedication to our clients is also very important. Try rebooking your clients on the spot, to ensure you have a time slot for their next appointment. Remind them about their upcoming lash sessions and call them up to get their feedback on their gorgeous lash sets! And last but not least - show your appreciation. Always thank your clients for their loyalty and for entrusting you with their time, money, and appearance!

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