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Code RED. The Problem of Red Eyes

Eye redness

For every lash lover, it sounds like a pure nightmare. Straight after the lash set is finished, you are struggling with redness and unpleasant reaction. Yes, sometimes what you love, hurts you, but let’s find out the reasons and better yet, solutions on how to get from this mess called the “red eyes problem”.


1. Why Do Lash Extensions Hurt Straight After Application? 

If straight after the appointment you noticed swollen eyelids, itchiness on the lash line, or red eyes after lash extensions then it means Code Red. Getting lash extensions is everything but pain and discomfort. Instead, it should be pleasant and relaxing, and don’t listen to anyone who is going to prove you wrong. It’s very likely that such a bad experience was caused by improper attachment. 

It can cause damage to the natural lashes and drive you crazy with a constant feeling of discomfort. If you feel eye pain after lash extensions, you should know that something should be done with this, and you should not just sit and wait till it's over. Another reason for this is when a lash tech couldn’t assess the weight of your natural lashes properly. Therefore, your lashes appeared under too much pressure, or it may lead to the lash shed. It’s important that you won’t feel like you’re wearing extensions. It’s perfect when you forget that those lashes were applied in the salon straight after the appointment. And the next reason is too much adhesive put on eyelash extensions, and as a result - chemical burn! Cyanoacrylate-based semi-permanent glues give off fumes and when there are too many you are most likely to get irritated eyes after the eyelash extensions procedure.


2. Processes occurring during eyelash extensions

There are also challenges that a lash lover may face during the lash extensions appointment. But we ask you not to worry about that, as someone who’s aware of this, can protect themselves from poor quality lash extensions and incompetent lash techs. So, if your eyelids hurt, your eyes burn and you experience tugging or pulling in the lash area, this means something is not right. Improper lash attachment can cause such an experience when the glue gets into contact with the eyes or bare skin. Or, eyelash extension glue that was used for the procedure is not of good quality or was improperly stored, and therefore, shows unpleasant performance. For a lash artist, it’s something essential to invest in a trusted adhesive and buy lash extensions that are made of high-quality PBT material.


3. Symptoms of allergic reactions during eyelash extensions

Contact dermatitis or eyelash extension allergic reaction is something that appears to be one of the toughest battles for many people passionate about lash extensions. The symptoms appear sometime after the appointment (up to 48 hours after the procedure). When you notice a reaction in your eyelid or eye, that’s most likely to be it. Eyelash extension allergy is followed by itchiness, irritation, tearing, and red and swollen eyes. Sometimes you can add a runny nose and a headache. And you’ll get a picture of lash extension allergy. It can be noticed in both eyes, or just one, which s not good in both ways. However, if it’s just one eye, the symptoms may be more severe and the allergy may cause even more inconveniences. It can last up to several days and if untreated, cause more discomfort in the future. 

How to differ lash allergy from eye irritation? If the redness showed up straight after the appointment and disappeared within a day, it’s not as bad as an allergy and everything can easily be treated.


4. Other possible causes of symptoms

Among the other reasons for red eyes, there is improper under eye pads application. Collagen or hydrogel patches if applied too close to the eyeball slide into the eye during lashing. The patches then swell releasing ingredients they contain to irritate the client's eye. Similarly, tape attached too close presses against the mucous membrane resulting in irritation from physical contact. To avoid this, one has to be careful about applying the under-eye pads for lash extensions and keeping an eye on them during the extension procedure.


4.1 Can The Fumes From Lash Extension Adhesive Cause Eye Redness?

In most cases, the fumes from lash extension adhesive cause a bad reaction to eyelash extensions. Sometimes, you are just allergic to eyelash extension gluecomponents, or the fumes affect the eyes, even if they are tightly closed during the whole process.


4.2 Can Poor Lash Extension Aftercare Harm Your Eyes?

Poor Lash Aftercare can harm your lashes. Natural lash and lash extensions life depend on proper aftercare. And if you clean your lashes regularly, avoiding curlers and oil-based products, everything will be just fine. Add here a right position while you sleep, to prevent lashes from falling out and you are a queen! 


5. Prevent irritation from eyelash extensions

First of all, it’s needed to ensure that you use the service of a licensed technician, that knows how to take proper care of your extensions. Lash extensions infection won’t be an issue if the salon will be sanitized as well as the lash tools (e. g. eyelash extension tweezers). It’s crucial to use formaldehyde-free lash adhesive to prevent the reaction as well. From your side, you should keep your eyes tightly closed throughout the procedure. That prevents the glue fumes from contact with your eyes, therefore minimizing the possibility of sore eyes after lash extensions appointment.


6. How To Soothe Irritated Eyes After Lash Extensions?

Now the most common question is how do you treat an allergic reaction to eyelash extensions? Well, there are several ways to do so. You can try a cold compress to relieve the swelling and make the redness go away.


6.1 Can Eye Drops Help With Red Eyes After Lash Extensions?

Yes, they can. Before opting out for glue drops that should treat the allergic reaction, please consult the physician, in order not to make things worse. As such a kind of medical treatment requires recommendations from a specialist so that you could ensure that the result will be fast and harmless.

Also, you can take a prescription to try antihistamines, as it’s another way to treat the reaction so that you could treat the symptoms. 


7. How long the reaction lasts

An allergic reaction typically lasts up to several days. However, if not treated, it may last longer and appear to be more severe every time when occurring. Sometimes, if you notice yourself to be allergic it’s better to refuse to get extensions and choose mascara in the future instead. That’s why it’s important not to ignore the signals of your body, and treat the symptoms as fast as possible. 

When it comes to eye irritation, that comes with similar reactions, such as redness, this reaction lasts for a day precisely. You can rinse your eyes with water thoroughly, for about 10 minutes and continue enjoying your new lash set. 



Of course, with all the above points under control, some people can still develop red eyes after getting lash extensions. But the number of such clients should be very little (about 3%), with the problem caused mostly by other factors such as increased eye sensitivity.

If every second or every third client leaves the salon with their eyes red, it makes sense to go through the list above for possible causes and ways to eliminate them.

Happy lashing!

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