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Why Your Clients Shouldn’t Remove Their Extensions At Home

Lash removal

Every lash technician knows, that there comes a time when lash extensions start to fall out. It’s just an inevitable part of the eyelash extension journey. When this happens, the best choice is to set up new lash appointments and get those loose lashes removed. But sometimes, new lash clients think they can remove the lashes on their own - without the help of a lash technician. As a professional in the field, it’s important to educate and explain to your clientele why this procedure should only be performed by a licensed technician. Here is the information you can share with your trusted customers about why they should never remove their lash extensions on their own.


Natural Lash Damage


Just like the application process of lash extensions, the removal procedure also requires specific chemical solutions. Also known as adhesive removers, these products help melt the cyanoacrylate glue and break that bond between natural lashes and extensions. Once that strong attachment is dissolved, the lash extensions can be easily removed with a pair of sterilized tweezers.
Removing extensions without the proper dissolvers can damage natural lashes. The tugging and pulling motions may cause natural lashes to fall out, later creating even bigger gaps in the lash line. And that’s certainly not what anyone wants.


Eye Infection


As licensed lash technicians are highly-trained professionals, they have years of experience when it comes to taking necessary precautions. From proper sanitation to performing aftercare routines, a lot goes into the process to avoid harming or irritating the eye area.
Did you know removing lashes at home can actually cause eye infections? As the process requires being very close to the eyes, bacteria can be easily spread straight from the fingertips. That is why it's highly important to seek out a professional technician, who will use sterilized equipment and mist during the removal procedure.


High-Quality Products


Creating a gorgeous lash set requires high-quality salon products that won’t cause eye irritation. The same can be said for extension removal. Lash technicians know which products work best for dissolving the cyanoacrylate glue and keeping the eyes discomfort-free. Say goodbye to redness, swelling, itching and pain, as licensed lash technicians are here to save the day! So, next time a new client forgets to set up a lash appointment, make sure you educate them about the importance of not removing eyelash extensions at home.

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