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Independent vs. Contracted Lash Career - Which Should You Choose?

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So, you are thinking of joining the luxurious and glamorous world of lashes. Congratulations! We couldn’t be happier to welcome you into our little world. While starting as a new lash technician is an incredible adventure, it can sometimes get a bit overwhelming. Especially when choosing what kind of career path to follow. And so, to make things easier for you, we have decided to break down the main differences, the pros and cons and the benefits of working as an independent lash technician vs having a contracted career. So, get your notepads ready, and let’s jump into it!


Independent / Freelance


Let’s begin our article, by discussing the independent lash technician career path. For those of you who may be unaware, being an independent lash expert basically means you work for yourself, as a freelance technician. While this sounds like a dream to most, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of working independently.



             One huge pro of going independent is having the luxury to build your entire work schedule to suit your daily routine. That means, setting your work days, limiting your availability and having time off to pursue your other interests and hobbies. 

Another benefit of being a freelance technician, is getting to set your preferred service prices, work policies as well as creating meaningful one-on-one relationships with clients. 



             But being independent certainly comes with its challenges. From putting down huge start up costs for your salon licence, to having to handle the tax payments yourself, working as a freelance technician can get overwhelming to most. Especially to newcomers. And let’s not forget to mention how a stable clientele isn’t always guaranteed when working for yourself.  


Contracted Career


If going independent simply isn’t your style, then you should think about starting your lash technician career as a contracted beautician. 



             Contracted technicians don’t have to worry about start up fees and costs and the pressures of running their business. Full-time employees also have the benefits of guaranteed monthly income as well as medical insurance. 

If you love to mingle and build work relationships, then getting started as a contracted lash technician may be the way to go. From your coworkers to your regular customers, you’ll have a blast going to work and having lunch with fellow lash experts. 



             Just like going independent, having a contacted career path isn’t always rainbows and sunshine. When you are a full-time employee, you often have to follow certain standards and rules set by your employers and bosses. This could also mean having to set your opinions aside for the sake of keeping your job. But if that doesn’t sound too much of a hassle for you, then creating a contracted lash technician career path may be the choice for you!

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