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Colored Eyelash Extensions

Colored Eyelash Extensions

Gorgeous colors, vibrant lash looks and extraordinary appearances. What’s not to love about colored eyelash extensions? Playing the main role in creating unique sets, bright lash extensions are some of the best ways to spice up everyday makeup looks. In today’s article, let’s take a look at colored eyelash extensions, their types available in the market and exciting news coming to the website very soon.


Why Choose Colored Eyelash Extensions?


Every lash enthusiast can agree that eyelash extensions are super-trends in the world of beauty. As eyelash extension services aim to fit clients’ personal preferences, lashes can perfectly complement anyone’s personal style or occasion. The delicate individual extensions usually come in black or dark-brown shades, as to flawlessly blend in with the natural lashes. 

But if your clients want mesmerizing lash lines and unforgettably bright lash looks, colored lashes are the way to go! Charismatic colored eyelash extensions can definitely add depths and personality to your lash sets.


Types of Colored Eyelash Extensions


Colored eyelash extensions are much more diverse and special than classic extensions. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of colored lashes available today.

Ombre extensions are fan-favorites amongst the lash community. Designed with a few distinct colors blended together, ombre extensions are mysterious sets that can captivate attention within seconds. 

Neon colored lashes, such as blue, green, red and orange, create jaw-dropping looks without much hassle or work. Just mix those bright shades and here come rainbow lashes!

But that’s not all! Blonde, red and auburn colored lashes were made for those with lighter hair shades, who are looking for fuller and voluminous lashes. 


Stacy Lash Colored Eyelash Extensions


If you are not ecstatic about colored eyelash extensions yet - then let us introduce you to the dazzling color options soon coming to 

We are very excited to launch colored lashes to our devoted customers and lash lovers of the world. Get ready, because soon these three types of colored eyelash extensions will be available on our website:

  • Beautiful lash sets can be done with our colorful lash trays. Five bold pigments - green, blue, red, purple and yellow will design any one-of-a-kind set your client’s heart desires
  • Four shades of Brown lashes, ranging from light to darker brown hues, can be the perfect natural lashes for those seeking more classic lash looks
  • Eye-catching Ombre colored eyelash extensions will soon become your go-to designs. Black pigmented lash bases smoothly change their color to red, green, blue and purple. With such incredible versatility, anyone can fall in love with Ombre colored eyelash extensions. 

As you see, eyelash extensions are much more fun and creative. Even though classic brown and black extensions are undeniably breathtaking, there is a rare spark that comes with colorful eyelash extensions. No matter if you are a lash beginner who is just joining the community, or an experienced technician wanting a bit of pizazz for your clients, colorful lash extensions are the new stars of the beauty industry. 

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