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Achieving a stunning set of eyelash extensions is as much about the expertise of the lash artist as it is about the cooperation and preparation of the client. Eyelash extensions can dramatically enhance your look, but the process requires precision and patience. In this article, we delve into how clients can help their lash artists work more efficiently and which attitude will show your artist the way how to lash faster without sacrificing the quality of their work. Let's explore how you can assist your lash artist in getting you that perfect full set faster.


Tips for Clients to Help Speed up the Process

1. Arrive on Time

Punctuality is key. Arriving on time ensures that your lash artist can start your appointment as planned without having to rush or cut corners.

2. Prepare in Advance for Your Session

Preparation begins at home. So how to prep for eyelash extensions? Ensure your lashes are clean and makeup-free before the appointment. This not only saves time but also enhances the adhesion of the lash glue, ensuring better results and longevity of your extensions.

3. Choose Style and Length in Advance

Knowing exactly what you want can significantly reduce the consultation time. Research in advance and have a clear idea of the style and length you prefer. This will help your lash artist prepare and streamline the application process.

4. Follow Aftercare Recommendations

Proper aftercare not only extends the life of your lashes but also reduces the time needed for touch-ups. Adhering to the care instruction your lash tech provided ensures your extensions look their best for as long as possible.

5. Communicate Needs

If you have sensitive eyes, specific allergies, or any other concerns, communicate these openly with your lash artist before they begin. This upfront communication prevents any mid-session adjustments that can prolong the appointment.

6. Maintain a Comfortable Position

Once the session starts, try to remain as still and relaxed as possible. Unnecessary movements can disturb the precision required during the application, potentially prolonging the session.

7. Be Patient

Although it's important to be efficient, good things take time. Patience is essential, especially for new sets, as meticulous application can't be rushed without affecting quality.


When Clients May Mistakenly Push Any Lash Artist Over the Edge

In an attempt to make the session quicker, clients sometimes engage in behaviors that inadvertently extend the appointment time. Examples include frequent eye movements, talking in a way that shakes the face, or last-minute changes to the lash style or length. Recognizing and avoiding these habits can significantly help in achieving a faster and smoother application process.

Lash Tips to Help Lash Artists to Avoid Lengthy Sessions:

- Communicate Clearly

Before starting, discuss with the desired result from both ends. This step ensures both parties are on the same page, which can prevent mid-session changes.

- Educate Yourself

Take into account pre-appointment instructions regarding how to prepare for the session. This can save time both before and during the appointment.

- Streamline Consultations

Show visuals or samples to help lash artist understand your preferences and offer suitable lash styles and lengths.

- Provide Feedback

Don’t hesitate to give feedback and share honest thoughts regarding your experience. Either good or bad, any feed feedback is invaluable. It helps lash artist to address client concerns and can prevent dissatisfaction at the end of the session, reducing the need for time-consuming corrections.



Both lash artists and clients have roles to play in ensuring the eyelash extension process is efficient and effective. By preparing properly, communicating clearly, and following guidelines for care and application, each full set application can be a streamlined and satisfying experience. When both parties work together with mutual understanding and respect, the end result is not only beautiful but also achieved in the most time-efficient manner possible. So every time you ask yourself “how long does it take to get lashes done”, remember that the answer is “faster than you think, if there are two to tango”.

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