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Help your lash artist complete your full set faster!

watch, clock

“Why so long?” some customers, especially new ones, keep asking their eyelash extension artists.

 Actually, your lash artist is expected to do a great job applying an extension to your every natural eyelash and making sure they won’t get clumped, complying with all the rules.

 Well, get ready to show this info to your clients!


Clients may mistakenly push any lash artist over the edge when:

  1. A client comes to have her eyelash extensions done with the sunscreen or face powder on, which will make it harder and longer for the artists to dive into the process of applying lash extensions right away, where it’s quite hard and non-hygienic or advised to place eye pads on top of the sunscreen or any makeup, as well as to tape your eyelids. In which case, your lash artist may have a hard time doing it even within just a fast 5 minutes or perhaps more, to have perfectly clean eyelashes to start working her magic on.
  2.  Chatting with your lash artist. We know it’s difficult to lay down silently and steadily with your eyes closed during the appointment that usually lasts from 2 to 4 hours, but when you continuously attempt to talk or interrupt, your eyelids twitch, so it’s difficult for your lash artist to isolate a thin natural eyelash with tweezers and will demand higher focus and precision (here goes some extra 30 minutes).
  3. Answering phone calls or constantly asking your lash artist “who’s calling?” during the lash appointment. As your lash artist is focused on your eyelashes ONLY. Putting your phone on silent once you enter a lash room and let your beloved ones know in advance where you are and why you won’t be able to answer (This can possibly save you some 10 minutes).
  4. Being afraid of your lash artist, hesitate breathing out or taking a comfortable position, etc. Just relax, be comfortable and enjoy the process! When you are excited or uncomfortable, your lash artist can tell too, your eyelids and eyelashes twitch as well, making the work more complicated and adding extra 30 minutes to the service.
  5. Sighing loudly a couple of times to make your lash artist finally understand how difficult it is for you to lay down and wait. Your every breath will affect the speed of work, as well as bring down your lash artist’s spirits and make the appointment longer, harder to concentrate, and stress her out. Just try to distract yourself by thinking how amazingly your lashes will look after the appointment. (save you both 10 minutes).
  6. Messing around and scratching during the procedure. Make sure you warn your lash artist that you need to move, scratch your nose, forehead, arm, or sneeze just not to do it all of a sudden :) The best thing you can do is relax and maybe nap a little throughout. Your lash artist will make sure your beauty sleep is rewarded with gorgeous eyelash extensions! Otherwise extra 20 minutes.
  7. Asking your lash tech “How much longer? When shall we finish? Not done yet? You said just 20 minutes left!” Nagging is definitely no one’s favorite, it’s annoying, stressing and will surely not make it go any faster. So sit tight, respect your lash artist’s time and efforts to make your eyes shine. Remember, your every single natural lash is counted and accurately worked on.


Lash extensions process is indeed, and as it’s always indicated, a lengthy but rewarding process, where your lash artists surely tries all her best to fluff up your lashes, and will very much appreciate your understanding and readiness. You can always ask, clarify and chat on any matters prior the procedure so you can comfortably lay down throughout it and expect a mesmerizing promised results in return! 😊

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