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How to address Russian Volume?

Eyelash Extensions

Photo by Paige Nicole - Lash Stylist / Salon Owner


There are two world-known main forms of lashing art: classic individual and Russian volume. Both of the approaches require some profound training to achieve perfection, but the second requires it to a greater extent. No wonder. It has more to offer, too!


We will, we will lash you (in the Russian style)


First off, why “Russian”? The answer is Russia is where this glamorous approach to eyelash extensions’ wear began in the first place. Nowadays, the tendency is vice versa, however. Distinctively voluminous lashes are much more popular in Europe and the US. 

Russian eyelash extensions have a lot in common with classic individual ones. They are the same lash extensions made from the same material but ultrafine and very light. This is made for the sake of a comfortable application of 2 and more lash extensions to one natural lash.

It doesn’t matter whether your client has lush or sparse natural lashes - Russian volume extension will add up to the overall volume and expressiveness without damaging the lash.

Russian volume application presupposes that multiple eyelash extensions are applied to one natural eyelash. The range of this lash multitude starts from 2D (where D stands for dimensions) and lasts to a reasonable infinity of 6D extensions. Of course, there are also 7, 8, 9, 10 dimensions, but we believe that 6 is the last frontier of Russian style while anything that goes beyond is classified as Mega volume style.

Roughly, the technique for Russian volume is as follows: a lash artist picks up a few eyelash extensions and places them so that a single symmetrical fan is formed and then carefully applied to a natural eyelash. Another option here is using pre-made fans, which are ready-to-use synthetic super light eyelash extensions combined into a single beam.


When and where should you get it started with Russian volume?


While it may seem that there is no big difference between two approaches to eyelash extensions, in reality, you need to master one before heading to another.

By analogy with language proficiency levels, the classic individual eyelash extensions are Intermediate and Russian volume is advanced. 

That’s why learning in Russian volume is recommended at least 6 months after you’ve mastered and hence feel confident applying classic individual lash extensions.


Knock, knock, knocking on Lash Salon’s door, or client questions about Russian Volume


  • How much does Russian volume eyelash extensions weigh?


While the volume in Russian sets look more festive-like than in classic individual ones, its weight is far more modest. Even if your client’s natural lashes are fragile, Volume or Russian eyelash extensions are a way you can go by to achieve a coveted dramatic eye look without extra charging. The tendency has it that the more the volume of your set is, the more weightless lash extensions are. Thus, a natural eyelash can wear multiple Russian lashes, feeling it as almost weightless.


  • How long do volume lash extensions last?


With proper maintenance, the retention of a Russian volume set amounts to a time span of the individual ones - 6-8 weeks. Infills’ schedule also complies with common lashing rules: 2-3 weeks after the application, then repeat at the same intervals.


  • How to look after your Russian volume set?


While the natural lash growing cycle will end the life of your set when the lashes shed, it’s important to make sure the gorgeous look of your Russian lashes will live it to the fullest. Again, we stick with the tradition of all good lash maintenance strategies. We’ll divide the guidelines into 2 groups: within the first 24-48 hours and after the first 24-48 hours.


  • Within the first 24-48 hours


  1. play it cool and sleep on your back
  2. do not expose the lashes to moisture
  3. abstain from a visit to a pool or sauna to avoid chlorine and heat exposure
  4. avoid rubbing, scratching, brushing the lashes, or touching them in any other way
  5. pause using the mascara and any other eye make-up


  • After the first 24-48 hours.


  1. use a gentle purifier to clean the lash extensions on a daily basis
  2. carefully brush your eyelash extensions when needed
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