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Top Eyelash Extension Kits for Professional Lash Artists


When it comes to such a peculiar niche in the beauty industry such as eyelash extensions, the right tools can make all the difference for professional lash artists. High-quality eyelash extension kits are essential for ensuring that clients receive top-tier service and results. These kits, equipped with essential lash tech supplies and lash technician accessories, provide the foundation for stunning lash application. Do you want your customers to always return to you? Then let’s go, and create your perfect kit together with Stacy Lash!


Key Factors in Choosing the Top Kits

When collecting the best eyelash extension kit, professionals should consider:

Quality of Included Products: The high quality of the products used is paramount, as it affects the client’s overall experience and whether you’ll receive a long-lasting result. This includes the lashes themselves, prep items, adhesives, and application tools.

Wide Range of Lash Extensions: A good kit offers a variety of lengths, curls, and thicknesses to match different client preferences and eye shapes.

Reliability of Adhesives and Tools: The adhesive's quality and performance what matters the most, as well as ergonomic and precise tools, like eyelash tweezers.

Lash bundles must align with the advanced needs of professional lash artists, allowing for customizability, efficiency, and exceptional client outcomes.


Top Eyelash Extension Kits

Unfortunately, there’s no universal lash extension supply list, but we are here to facilitate the lives of our fellow lash artists. Here, we explore five top-notch eyelash extension kits, ideal for professional use. Each kit is carefully selected based on its quality, reliability, and variety of lash tools included. Let's find out once and for all what do you need for eyelash extensions.

Kit 1: The Ultimate Lash Kit

This comprehensive kit includes a range of mink lashes in various curls, diameters, and lengths, Extra Strong adhesive, and an ergonomic lash applicator – tweezers that will be suitable for classic and volume, reliable and universal. Also, the kit should include eye pads, lash primer, and a lash shampoo.

Suitable for both classic and volume lash extension styles, this kit is perfect for artists starting from intermediate skill level, offering everything needed for a variety of lash styles. These are the basics of lash extensions application.

Kit 2: Professional Lash Kit

Focused on fast and flawless applications, this kit includes lash trays in several thicknesses, the fastest adhesive possible – Lightning Speed, for advanced skill level, to give the lash tech the ability to undercover their artistry to its full potential. In addition, an efficient pair of tweezers, Pure Power remover, Extra Bonder, Lash Shampoo, and Primer, as well as disposables, like micro brushes, tape, etc.

Ideal for advanced artists specializing in different types of application and aiming for timesaving practice.

Kit 3: Beginner Lash Extension Kit

A perfect starter kit includes lash extensions of basic curl (C/MIX usually), beginner-friendly adhesive with longer drying time, like Stacy Lash Sensitive, straight tweezers, cream remover, Stacy Lash Guide, and mannequin head for practice.

Designed for new lash artists, who just stepped on the path to become the coolest and the most seasoned artist. This kit helps develop fundamental skills, practice lash techniques to become more confident, and conduct stress-free client appointments.

Kit 4: Volume Kit

This kit is most suitable for lash techs who offer volume and mega-volume lash extension services. It includes pre-made fans, lightweight eyelash extensions, Stacy Lash Volume adhesive, Volume Stacy Lash Tweezers, Stacy Lash Super Booster, Primer, and eyelash Shampoo

Ideal for lash artists specializing in volume and mega-volume sets not to overweight natural lashes and ensure seamless performance at each step of the procedure.

Kit 5: Deluxe Lash Kit

This premium kit offers Premium Lash Serum, which offers enhancement and strength to natural eyelashes. It includes all types of lashes (classic, colored & brown), Stacy Lash Advanced adhesive, which works for different levels of humidity, Extra Bonder, at least two pairs of precise and sharp tweezers, Super Booster, eye pads, Primer, Lash Shampoo, different accessories (micro brushes, swabs, tape, glue rings/stones palettes, etc.), and gel remover.

Best for experienced artists who cater to a high-end clientele.



Selecting the right eyelash extension kit is a crucial decision for any professional lash artist. These top five kits, each with its unique strengths and applications, offer a range of options to suit various professional needs. From beginners to experts, there's a kit that aligns with every lash artist's journey. With the right kit, lash artists can confidently provide exceptional service, crafting beautiful, long-lasting lash extensions for their clients.

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