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Lash Gel Remover

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Lash Gel Remover

All About Lash Extensions Glue Remover

Even though lash extensions glue remover only comes at the end of the lash extension process, it's still a very important step, and it's equally important for the product to be up to par. Let's learn more about lash glue remover.

When Is Lash Extensions Glue Remover Used?

Lash glue remover is used at the final stage of the lash extension process, which is removal. This typically comes after several weeks, when most of the other extensions have already fallen out due to the limited growth cycle of the natural lash (these naturally fall out after about 4 weeks, thus taking the lash extension with them).

At this stage, while the other extensions are still holding on strong, the look may have been compromised and there may be unsightly gaps that the client does not like, so a full removal is sometimes necessary, either as a final step, or as a precursor to applying a new set of lash extensions.

This is preferable to the client trying to take out the extensions at home. A good lash extension glue such as the Stacy Lash lash glue will hold for a long time, and since the extensions are glued onto the natural lashes, trying to pull out the extensions will typically result in losing the natural lashes, as well.

The client should also not attempt to use the lash glue remover for eyelash extensions at home. The only appropriate removal process is at the salon, by a trained technician, who can use the remover to take off the extensions and any trace of adhesive without damaging the natural lashes.

How Is Lash Extensions Glue Remover Used?

As for the method of removal, that varies, and it depends on the preferences of the technician, as well as on the type of glue that was used. Many lash artists prefer to use the so-called “banana peel” method, which consists of gently separating the extension from the natural lash and peeling it back to remove it.

However, this isn’t always completely effective, especially when thick glue was used, or too much glue. If this method is used by itself, that can leave traces of glue on the client’s natural lashes. That is why lash glue remover for lash extensions is so important – it removes any trace of glue, so it can be used as an after-step for the banana peel method, or you can start with the remover, as a first step.

It can be applied using two microbrushes, and a technique similar to the one used when applying primer to the lashes. Both microbrushes are covered in remover, and one is used underneath the lashes, while the other one is used on top. The microbrushes are used together to wedge each lash in between and brush it from root to tip, to make sure that any trace of glue is removed from the natural lash.

Each lash must be brushed carefully and thoroughly, especially at the root. The procedure takes quite a bit of time, and the lash extensions remover must be left to develop for 2 to 5 minutes in order to effectively dissolve the adhesive. After that, the extensions should come right off with the help of a pair of tweezers, with no effort required, including pulling, tugging, etc.

What Is The Best Lash Extensions Glue Remover?

But what is the best lash glue remover for eyelash extensions? While each technician will have different preferences in this department, the Stacy Lash gel remover is our top pick. It’s incredibly effective, as it acts quickly, dissolving lash glue in just 60 seconds. That makes extension removal a quick, easy, and effortless process. The remover is strong enough to gently and effectively remove even the strongest and most long-lasting eyelash extension adhesive.

As you can see, eyelash extensions adhesive remover is an essential product for the kit of any lash artist, as it ensures a flawless removal process.