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Black Eyelash Glue or Clear Eyelash Glue – Which One Is Better?

Lash Extension Supplies in the Bag

When clients go in to get eyelash extensions applied, one thing they don’t typically worry about, or even think about is the type of glue used. But lash extension adhesives differ in purpose, color, and even quality, so what kind of glue is your salon likely to use, and which one is better?

The most common types of professional adhesives used for lash extensions are black eyelash glue and clear lash glue, but what is the difference between them? What is each type of adhesive used for, and what are the pros and cons of each? Let’s find out.

Black Eyelash Glue or Clear Eyelash Glue

What kinds of lash glue can you use for lash extensions?

When you’re applying eyelash extensions in a salon setting, you will find that you need a special kind of adhesive. This adhesive is different than the lash glue people typically use for fake strip lashes, and it usually comes in two colors – black and clear.

It’s very important to point out that professional adhesive for eyelash extensions should not, under any circumstances, be used for regular faux eyelashes. The professional adhesive is much, much stronger and more toxic, and it should never be applied directly on the skin, like regular eyelash glue. It should only ever be used by professional lash technicians and only be applied to the natural lash itself.

The removal process requires special extension adhesive remover, so normal makeup remover or pulling at the lashes will not work and will damage your real lashes.

Black Eyelash Glue or Clear Eyelash Glue

What about white lash glue?

White lash glue is the typical false lashes kind of glue, and it should not be used for eyelash extensions, because it’s not formulated for that purpose, it is not strong enough, and it is meant to be adhered to the skin, not to the lashes.

This type of lash glue also dries clear and comes in black, so be careful to distinguish between them. They are not the same and one cannot replace the other.

What is black lash glue best used for?

The black eyelash extension glue is typically used to apply black eyelash extensions. Most clients opt for black lashes, so the vast majority of extensions will be applied with black eyelash glue. This is to make sure that the glue blends in as seamlessly as possible with the lashes. If you’re looking to get just regular extensions, all salons will be equipped with this kind of glue.

What are the pros and cons of black eyelash glue?

Every product comes with some pros and cons, so let’s see what are the advantages and disadvantages of black eyelash extension adhesive.

The main advantage of black eyelash glue is the fact that it is virtually untraceable on the lashes. No matter how close you get to the lashes, no one should be able to tell where the extensions are glued to the natural lashes, as long as the application is executed properly.

The issue with this type of glue is that it’s not quite as strong as the clear extension glue that is used for the same purpose. The adding of the pigment compromises the strength. In addition, some clients may report sensitivities or allergies to the black pigment.

 pros and cons of black eyelash glue

What is clear lash glue best used for?

Clear adhesive, on the other hand, is typically used for colorful lash extensions. Some salons offer an alternative to the regular black extensions – a few accents of lashes of a different color. The client can choose any color they want, or that they think will highlight their eyes better. You can even opt for a full set of colorful extensions, if you wish.

However, applying colorful extensions does mean a clear adhesive is needed, in order to help them blend in. A black glue would be visible and quite distracting, potentially ruining the beautiful effect you’ve created with the colorful extensions.

What are the pros and cons of clear eyelash glue?

What about clear extension adhesive? What are the advantages and disadvantages one can expect?

    • PRO: Colorful lashes are increasing in popularity fast, especially during the summer season and for holidays, so clear lash glue can be a massive advantage. It allows one to wear colorful extensions without seeing the glue. In addition, clear lash glue bonds a bit better, as it contains no pigment that interferes with the bonding action.
    • CON: When it comes to clear lash adhesive, the issue is that, if it’s used on black extensions, it can be more visible than black adhesive would normally be. This can be mitigated by a lash technician who is very experienced and who is able to work with a very small amount of glue, but it’s something to keep in mind.

In conclusion, both black lash glue and clear lash glue are great options to use to apply extensions, and both of them come with advantages and disadvantages. Neither is necessarily better than the other, they’re just better suited for different purposes. While the black glue suffers a bit in terms of bonding strength, compared to the clear one, it’s more “invisible” on black extensions. Clear lash glue, on the other hand, is stronger, and it works better than black on colorful extensions if you want to achieve a seamless look.

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