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How to improve retention? 3 really helpful pieces of advice!

eally helpful pieces of advice!
  1.  The fastest glue doesn’t guarantee the strongest retention. If your glue polymerizes very quickly, you may end up with the opposite effect — the glue will dry up BEFORE you attach an extension to a natural lash. As a result, eyelash extensions will fall off quickly.
    What is the way out? Work with 2 types of glue: the fast-drying adhesive and the one that dries a bit slower. For example, we use the Extra Strong glue (0.5-1 second)  and the Volume glue (3 seconds) depending on the temperature, humidity and the client's natural lashes specifics.
  2. The more glue you use, the better retention you get. However, you will have a hard time working with a large amount of glue. At the same time eyelash specialists often apply little glue to make eyelash extensions look neater, allow them to dry faster, and prevent them from clumping together. As a result, this amount of glue is not sufficient to ensure strong retention, and the lash extensions may fall off.
    What is the way out? The larger amount of glue gives you more time for application because the more glue you apply, the more time it needs to be fully cured. However, to avoid a mess and clumping, it is important to spread this drop evenly all over a natural eyelash, using the swiping technique to create a strong bond.
  3.  Use booster and humidifier wisely. They are good if you need to accelerate glue polymerization process but not to improve the retention. Sometimes in order to improve retention lash artists turn on humidifier and apply booster, but it doesn’t help. Why? If the glue dries fast, additional humidity will cause drying up BEFORE you start applying the eyelash extension.Therefore, your clients will have problems with retention even more often.
    What is the way out? Use the help of booster and humidifier only if the humidity rate in your lashing room is lower than your glue requires.
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