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Clean Lashes are Key for Retention

Primer stacy lash

Whether one needs to clean natural lashes has probably become a commonplace. Still, lash communities would have discussion threads on the subject every now and then.

So, does one need to clean the client's natural lashes before doing extensions?

Definitely yes.

No matter if you are making a full set or an in-fill, one should always cleanse client's natural lashes before lashing. Presence of any dirt will compromise contact between the glue and extension causing early extensions fall-out. To put it simple, as with any glue, the surfaces must be clean to provide good adhesion.

Even if the client's lashes seem to be pretty clean upon visual inspection, it still makes sense to use any of the below prep methods to know they are clean as whistle and any traces of residual makeup or body oils have been removed. Cleaning methods may vary depending on the lash artist preferences and practices.

Here are some most common ones:

  • Primer / protein remover
  • Saline Solution
  • Other pre-treatment as applicable

Happy lashing!

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