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How to place your hands during lashing?

lash extensions, TWEEZER

Many lashing faults are caused by wrong sitting and hands position. If a lash tech does not know how to hold her hands right all along, she would keep on running into the same problems like non-uniform distance from the roots to attachment points, always more of this distance towards the corners, extension ends coming off, and erratic direction.

Of course, these are mistakes that are mostly common for beginner lash artists, however, even experienced technicians may often have them, if they were initially trained and got used to hold their hands in a wrong way. To get rid of the effects, one should first get to the causes.

So, let’s talk about holding hands and tweezers today.

  1. The tweezers should be held with three fingers for maximum mobility. When holding tweezers like this, you can tilt them in any direction to work in the most hard-to-get spots without changing the position of your wrist and elbows.
  2. The elbows should hang freely parallel to the body. You can lightly rest your forearms against the edge of the couch, but in no case put your elbows right on the couch! It’s a common mistake, when the client lies too far away and one has to reach out to her. Just ask your client to move closer to you.
  3. Support point. It is the key in order to strictly follow the direction to within a fraction of mm, to have an ideal distance and never have loose extension ends. One should never have hands hanging without a rest, rendering them less steady and letting fatigue build up.

And what about you? Did you get trained to hold your hands right in your first courses or did you have to retrain yourself?

Happy lashing!

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