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Is It Fresh? Or Not So Much?

stacy lash GLUE

As lash artists we have all had this thought - is this lash adhesive fresh or is it time to toss it in the trash? We certainly do not want to use expired products on our clients, as they may cause serious irritation. Unless we clearly see eyelash extension glues dried up, it can be tricky knowing when the lash adhesives are still acceptable to use on clients. Join us as we break down the secrets of individual eyelash extension glues, when an eyelash glue expires and what to do to keep your lash adhesives fresh for weeks on end!


It’s Alive! Or How You Can Keep Your Glue Fresh For As Long As You Can


Let’s begin by taking a look at specific eyelash glue storage conditions and how we as lash artists can keep our glues fresh for as long as we can.

Professional eyelash extension glues should always be kept in cool, dark, and dry places in upright positions. Excess humidity or high temperature in beauty salons can alter glue formulations. Once the sealed packaging is open, it’s best to close the cap tightly with every use. As glue polymerizes from air moisture, it must be sealed tightly and placed in a zip pouch. After each session, we recommend squeezing the bottle and letting extra air blow through the nozzle. Finally, wipe the nozzle with a lint-free tissue to prevent any clogging and screw the cap tightly. Place your individual eyelash extension glues vertically on your shelf and keep them in dark areas until next use.

!! Important. We do not recommend storing your glue in a freezer, but you definitely can store it in the refrigerator. Just make sure you give it enough time (not less than 1 hr.) to warm up to the room temperature before using it. Besides, it is worth giving it a shake for a couple of minutes before the first use and for 30-60 secs before making each drop!


The Insight Into Stacy Lash Adhesive


The actual secret behind crafting striking eyelash extensions is using the right lash extension glues. Stacy Lash lash supply store offers a variety of professional eyelash extension glues that have unique properties and specifically-designed formulas.

Whether you're looking for high-retention, lightning-fast, or super-gentle formulas, Stacy Lash has got you covered! Along with a range of professional eyelash extension glues, we offer special sealed packaging for keeping lash adhesives fresh. Every adhesive comes in a sealed package with silica gel and a red glue needle inside to preserve maximum glue freshness before it opens. And the cherry on top - for up to two months, this special packaging significantly extends the life of the adhesive after the initial bottle opening!


Signs That Your Glue Is Already Expired


Now, let’s answer the popular question: does eyelash glue expire? And the answer is - YES!

Typically, an eyelash glue expires 3-6 months when it’s unopened. However, the expiration date drops to 1-2 months after the initial seal is broken.

If your lash adhesive looks and feels stringy, if you notice a change in consistency or thickness, if there are clumps of adhesive on the sides of the packaging, then chances are your individual eyelash extension glue has expired. That is the perfect time to toss your old lash adhesive and invest in a fresh bottle of eyelash extension glue.




Expired eyelash extension glues may cause uncomfortable eye irritation for the clients. Mark your calendars to have fresh eyelash extension adhesives at all times!

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