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A Match Made in Heaven: Eyelash Glue & Bonder

super bonder for lash extensions

Where lies the secret to the perfect set of lash extensions? This question is widely spread among lash artists, as everyone aim to master their craft and offer it on the professional level. Well, this secret doesn't solely lie in the skill of the lash artist or the quality of the tools used; a significant part of this beauty magic is thanks to the dynamic duo of eyelash glue and lash bonder. These two fit together like hand in glove and combining their power can show a pure magic. Let’s learn about the synergy between Stacy Lash Glue and Stacy Lash Super Bonder, a combination revered by professionals as a match made in heaven.


Understanding the Role of Eyelash Glue

The foundation of any successful eyelash extension application is the glue. And believe us, you want to have a reliable adhesive by your side. By try and trial lash artists lucky enough find their beloved glue which helps them in their craft. It should show strong adhesion strength,and therefore, long retention. Its drying time should comply with your work speed, so that you won’t stress out, rushing your work or on the opposite, slowing down when it’s unnecessary. Above all, your glue of choice should comply with your humidity, as it’s paramount for proper performance.

Stacy Lash offers a range of adhesives for all skill levels and preferences. One standout product that exemplifies these qualities is the Stacy Lash Extra Strong Eyelash Extension Glue. Designed for professional use, this glue is renowned for its exceptional adhesion, offering lasting durability that can withstand the rigors of daily life. It's fast-drying, reducing the time clients need to spend on the lash bed, and allowing professionals save time greatly. However, like any semi-permanent adhesive that promises long wear, this glue emits fumes? What can be done to resolve this one tiny nuisance? Read on to learn more…


The Power of Stacy Lash Super Bonder

While lash glue provides the initial hold for eyelash extensions, Stacy Lash Super Bonder enters the scene as a critical complement to enhance and solidify this bond. The Super Bonder works by sealing the glue, speeding up the curing process, and making the adhesive bond more flexible. This added flexibility ensures that the lash extensions can move naturally with the wearer's natural lashes, reducing the risk of breakage and prolonging the life of the extensions.

Furthermore, the Stacy Lash Super Bonder has been specially formulated to work in harmony with Stacy Lash glue, creating a robust and durable bond that stands the test of time. It prevents a possibility of shock curing, allowing clients to expose their extensions to moisture straight after they leave your salon. Shock curing is a common pitfall with lash extensions, thereby Super Bonder is a must have, especially with the new convenient dropper design and improved formula.


Benefits of Using Both Products Together

Super Bonder can be Yoko Ono and Stacy Lash Extra Strong glue can be John Lennon. This combination offers unparalleled benefits, ensuring that lash artists can deliver the highest quality results to their clients. Using both products together creates a synergy that maximizes the bond's strength, ensuring that lash extensions are secure from the moment they're applied. This dynamic duo not only prevents premature lash loss but also provides a more comfortable experience for the client. The Super Bonder reduces the chances of redness and irritation. It locks up the fumes by creating a protective layer, allowing glue to show its properties without the risk of Cyanoacrylate fumes emission. While together, those two can make the lash extension experience pleasant from start to finish.

The use of professional eyelash extension glue and super bonder also streamlines the application process for lash technicians, allowing for a more efficient workflow. This efficiency, coupled with the enhanced durability of lash extensions, ensures that clients leave the salon with beautiful, long-lasting results, reinforcing the professional's reputation for excellence.



Stacy Lash Extra Strong Eyelash Extension Glue and Stacy Lash Super Bonder epitomize the ideal pairing in the delicate process of lash extensions, offering a blend of strength, safety, and longevity. This combination not only elevates the quality of the lash extension application but also enhances client satisfaction, making it a quintessential choice for professionals aiming for the best in their craft.

The synergy between lash glue and super bonder for lash extensions underscores the importance of using premium products in the eyelash extension process. As the industry continues to evolve, staying informed about and utilizing these innovative solutions will be key to achieving and maintaining the pinnacle of lash extension artistry.

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