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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Lightning Speed!

Lightning Speed Stacy lash

Being a lash artist presupposes being an artist in the first place, so we know for sure you are in a constant search of a muse. And that is why our today’s news is so stunning: let us kindly introduce to you our new product - Lightning Speed glue! We hope that it’ll become a freshly discovered source of inspiration for lash artists across the world.

Such great news should spread in Lightning Speed, but it is not the only reason why our new Lighting speed glue is called like this. The real clue is this glue’s drying speed. It amounts to 0.3 seconds which is almost an instant setting.

Okay, you might say, then it probably must produce a real lot of fumes. Not at all! In fact, this adhesive has the lowest level of fumes among all Stacy Lash glues (lower than Sensitive) approximate to zero-emission. This helps to eliminate the risk of red eyes and other kinds of discomfort.

Another marvelous feature of the glue is retention that lasts 6-8 weeks. Owing to its advanced formula, this adhesive provides excellent bonding just like our other strongest glues: Extra Strong and Extra Strong Evolution.

Additionally, Stacy Lash Lightning Speed adhesive has low-viscosity consistency allowing lash artists to work significantly faster and preventing lashes from clumping together.

Finally, the innovative formula of Lightning Speed eyelash extension glue features unprecedented reduction of the potential effects on sensitive clients. The glue largely minimizes the chances of irritation and possible allergic reactions.

We don’t want to appear immodest, but doesn’t it sound like all your dreams about a perfect adhesive came true? But as we also know that seeing is believing, so why don’t you make sure that our new Lightning Speed adhesive is as good as it sounds from our mouths (cause we can’t help boasting in offline either) by trying it? We can’t wait to know your feedback! All in all, our source of inspiration is you.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Lightning Speed!

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