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A client will normally have 80-120 natural lashes per eye, so doing them will take time. Depending on the client’s lashes and the artist’s skill it can take up anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 hours to do a full classic set and 3 to 5 hours to make a full volume set.

Naturally, it can get a bit trying for both the client and the lash tech. In addition, some clients may have hard time to withstand the whole session, while clients totally new to extensions could be hesitating if it is worth the while (and the money). This is where the so-called partial sets can come in.


What are partial sets?

As the name suggests, these involve attaching extensions only to some natural lashes as opposite to regular sets when extensions are placed on each natural lash.


Types of Partial Sets:

  • Classic Partial Set

Also called light sets, a technique, where 30%-60% percent of lashes or a certain number of extensions (30-60 pcs) are placed evenly – one extension in every few lashes.

  • Wing Set

This is a variation of a classic partial set, where extensions are applied towards the outer part of the eye, with length graduated to smoothly blend with natural lashes, creating a cat-eye effect. It is only suitable if clients have adequate natural lashes and the effect fits them.

  • Partial Volume Set

This set is similar to classic partial sets, except that it uses fans instead of individual extensions, giving light, yet a fuller look, which requires uniformity and keeping fans well opened.

  • Mixed (Hybrid) Set

A mix of classic extensions and pre-made volume fans, where classic extensions alternate with fans in a textured pattern, featuring more volume than classic lashes and more natural-looking uniformity than regular volume sets. It is not exactly a partial set, still can be an option in between full classic and full volume sets.

There are several situations when partial sets could be an option:

  • if one has just started out on the lashing way and it takes her too long to complete a set, running out of time
  • the client for some reason has problems to spend so much time lying on the table/couch due to physical condition or emergency
  • new clients might be not aware of how meticulous is the job , hence not ready to spend the time and money for a full set. A partial set could be a great way for such clients to have a test-drive in extensions with reasonable price and time, and who knows, maybe after she will have had a taste of it, she would go for more, eventually becoming a lash addict and a thankful returning client.

Another convenient thing about partial sets is that most of the time they can be upgraded to full ones, which adds flexibility and options to the clients.

Happy lashing!

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