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How To Take Care of Eyelash Extensions

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You surely know, getting eyelash extensions for your clients go far beyond sitting down at the chair at your salon. In today’s article, let’s break down how to take care of eyelash extensions, why it’s important to know the science behind it, and how you can educate your future clients to properly look after those stunning extensions. 


Science Behind Eyelash Extension Care


Now, the first question of your clients is - why is it so important to properly take care of my eyelash extensions? Imagine this - after a long day in a full face of makeup, running errands and meeting up with friends, our eyelash extensions get exposed to various chemicals and build-up. But that’s not all. 

Our eyelids are notoriously one of the oiliest parts of our faces. As the eyelids produce sebum, or oil, the sebum can mix with the dead skin cells and fall on top of the eyelash extensions. If the extensions are not cleaned properly, they can cause the sebum to accumulate. This blockage around the eyes can lead to eye infections such as blepharitis and conjunctivitis and also weaken the retention power of the adhesive, causing extensions to fall out prematurely. 


The Right Technique & Proper Aftercare


Up next, let’s talk about how your clients can properly take care of their eyelash extensions, and the right technique behind it. First things first, it’s very important to wash lashes daily with a special foam lash cleanser. Along with a deep cleanse, we must also brush out each extension using a clean lash wand. And here’s how it’s done. 

Your clients should begin by taking a cleanser, and gently applying it to their lashes in small circular motions. Then, once the lashes are clean, just pat off the excess cleanser using a paper towel. For the final step, ask them to use the lash wand and brush their extensions to separate them and achieve a fuller look. 


Lash Extension Aftercare


As a professional technician and beautician you know for sure - sharing the importance of eyelash extension aftercare to clients is essential. Not only will the customers bypass having unnecessary and painful eye infections, but teaching about proper aftercare can be quite beneficial. Educating clients about lash extension aftercare gives you the chance to sell and promote aftercare kits and lash shampoos. From proper oil-free cleansers, to brushes, spoolies and eyelash wands, your clients and customers will be more than happy to purchase anything that is required for proper aftercare. We mean, who wants to go home after a trip to the salon and get an eye infection, right? So, make sure you seize this opportunity to inform your clientele and make some extra cash on the side! 

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