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Summer Retention How To Deal With That

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Sunny skies, sparkling days on the beach, and a natural sun-kissed glow. Even though our clients love to rock summer eyelash extensions, different rules apply when it comes to lash retention in the summer. From humidity and temperature changes to premature fallout, it’s important to take care of individual lashes during the sunny season. In today’s article, let’s discuss eyelash extensions in the summer months and how to deal with summer retention!


How Summer May Affect Your Lashes


When it comes to summer eyelash extensions, the truth is - higher temperatures and humidity, extreme heat, and sweat can damage individual lashes and alter lash retention.

As humidity and temperature levels rise in the summer, eyelash extensions may be subject to what’s known as shock polymerization, or simply blooming. High-temperature changes can affect how well eyelash extension glues perform and adhere extension sets to natural lashes. With heat, eyelash extension glues cure faster, and cause lash extensions to become brittle and frail. This may result in premature lash fallout.

Natural sweat, makeup residue and frequent dips in the pool may also be the cause of frail eyelash extensions. Oil and debris collection around lashes can lead to individual lash shedding, eye irritation or even eye infections!


Ideal Conditions


As we see, environmental changes can have a major influence on lash extension integrity and retention properties. So, what are the ideal conditions for maintaining lashes?

The ideal humidity range for Stacy Lash eyelash extension glues is around 45 to 60%. As for temperature, it’s best to keep your lashing environment between 55 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Investing in air humidifiers or digital hygrometers can help control and monitor the lashing environment on a daily basis!


How To Reach Them


Lastly, let's see how we can reach the ideal conditions for summer eyelash extensions! First and foremost, it’s important to tell our clients to keep new lash sets and fill moisture-free for the first 24 hours. Moisture can change and mess with the chemical composition of eyelash extension glues. Avoiding direct water contact and hot showers and saying no to swimming sessions is the best way to keep individual lashes in pristine conditions.

Regularly cleansing summer eyelash extensions can also help retain lashes longer in the summer. Browse through lash supply stores and invest in lash shampoos that can thoroughly clean eyelash extensions.

Opting for professional eyelash extension glues with wide humidity and temperature ranges can also help craft lash fills that stay strong throughout the summer. Visit our Stacy Lash lash supply store to find high-quality lash adhesives!




Maintaining long and voluminous lashes in the summer isn’t always easy. But by following simple tips and tricks, we can create the summer eyelash extensions of our dreams!

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