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Summer Retention How To Deal With That

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Keeping eyelash extensions looking fabulous in the summer can be quite the challenge for both lash artists and their clients. With the mix of scorching temperatures, high humidity, and all those fun outdoor activities, lash extension retention can really take a hit. But don’t stress out! With the right know-how and techniques, lashes will look gorgeous all summer long. This article dives into the main challenges of summer lash retention and shares some handy lash retention tips for clients and lash artists to make sure those lashes stay put and look stunning no matter how hot it gets!


Understanding Summer Retention Challenges

- Temperature Changes

High temperatures can significantly affect eyelash adhesive, leading to decreased lash extension retention. Eyelash adhesives are formulated to perform optimally within specific temperature ranges, typically between 68°F to 72°F (20°C to 22°C). When temperatures rise above this range, the adhesive cures faster than it should, and that might compromise the bond between the natural lash and the extension. This can lead to premature lash fallout and a need for more frequent touch-ups.

- Humidity

Humidity is another critical factor impacting the longevity of eyelash extensions. During summer, the increased moisture in the air can accelerate the curing process of the adhesive. While this might seem beneficial, rapid curing can prevent the adhesive from forming a strong bond, leading to weakened retention. Additionally, high humidity can cause the lashes to become sticky, making them prone to clumping and reducing their overall appearance and durability.

- Premature Fallout

Premature fallout of lash extensions during the summer can be attributed to several factors. Increased activities like swimming, sweating, and sun exposure can weaken the adhesive bond. The natural shedding cycle of lashes might also be accelerated by the warmer weather, leading to more frequent lash loss. Understanding these factors is crucial for developing effective strategies to combat summer retention issues.


Preventive Measures for Lash Retention

- Choose the Right Adhesive

Picking the right adhesive is key to keeping those lash extensions in place during hot and humid weather. Go for adhesives that are specially made to handle the heat and moisture. These adhesives usually dry quicker and have stronger bonding properties, making sure lashes stay fabulous even in the tough summer conditions. With the right glue, you will prepare your clients to take on whatever summer throws their way!

- Application Techniques

Lash artists can boost retention by using a few savvy techniques during the application process. First off, make sure those natural lashes are squeaky clean and free from oils and residues before you get started. Using a primer can also help create a better bonding surface. Plus, applying thinner layers of adhesive can prevent over-saturation and make the bond stronger. Being precise and consistent with your application will really help those lash extensions stay put. Oh, and don’t forget to use Bonder. Also known as glue sealer it provides instant curing to adhesive, and allows your clients to get wet their extensions immediately. It also promotes a better hold, which we long for, admit it.

- Client Education

Educating clients on summer-specific lash care is a game-changer for keeping those extensions in tip-top shape. Let them know how heat, humidity, and sun exposure can affect their lashes. Give them detailed aftercare tips that are perfect for summer, and you'll see a big improvement in retention. By stressing the importance of following these guidelines, you’ll empower your clients to take the best care of their lash extensions, ensuring they look fabulous all summer long!


Daily Lash Care Tips for Clients

- Avoid Water and Sweat

For the best lash retention, it's crucial for clients to avoid getting their lashes too wet or sweaty for the first 24-48 hours after their extensions (unless you use bonder of course). Typically, without the bonder it takes about 24 hrs for your glue to form a strong bond with the extension. Tell your clients to steer clear of activities like swimming, sauna sessions, and intense workouts during this time. By taking it easy for a day or two, they can prevent premature lash fallout and keep their extensions looking fantastic!

- Use Oil-Free Products

Some say about two incompatible things “they get along like water and oil”. You know what else has bad relations with oil? Glue! Oil-based products can mess with the adhesive bond and shorten the life of lash extensions. Let your clients know they should stick to oil-free makeup and skincare products, like cleansers, moisturizers, and sunscreens. Remind them to check product labels and choose oil-free options to keep their lash extensions in top shape. A little extra attention to the products they use will go a long way in maintaining those fabulous lashes!

- Sun Protection

Encouraging clients to protect their lashes from UV rays can do wonders for lash retention. Suggest they wear sunglasses—not only to shield their eyes from harmful UV rays but also to protect their lash extensions from the sun, which can weaken the adhesive. Plus, remind them to use sunscreen that’s safe for extensions on their face, but avoid putting it directly on the lash area. A little sun savvy can keep their lashes looking fabulous longer!



Keeping eyelash extensions looking great in the summer takes the right products, application techniques, and a bit of client know-how. With the heat, humidity, and all those outdoor activities, lash artists need to be on their game to ensure lashes stay put. By educating clients on proper aftercare and daily maintenance, you can help them enjoy beautiful, long-lasting lashes all summer long.

Understanding the challenges of summer and taking proactive steps can make a big difference. When lash artists and clients work together with these strategies, they can easily tackle the summer months and maintain eyelash extension retention.

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