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POV: My Glue Doesn’t Adhere Lash Extensions

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Imagine spending precious hours trying to craft picture-perfect lashes, only to find out the lash extension glue can’t seem to do its job! From beginners to absolute pros, many lash artists have had similar experiences. But what exactly causes eyelash extension glues not to adhere to natural lashes, and what can we do to avoid such issues in the future? Join us as we explore the science behind proper lash extension glue adhesion!


Improperly Chosen Drying Time


With so many professional eyelash extension glues out there, it’s sometimes difficult to choose the best product for you. Because one of the most common reasons for adhesion issues is improperly chosen adhesive. 

If you are working with fast-drying adhesives, your application speed should match the drying time of the glue! As these formulas dry up quicker, there’s a risk of the incorrect and weak bond between natural lashes and eyelash extensions, which will lead to retention issues. If you feel more confident with a slower application pace, it’s best to avoid fast-drying formulas or opt for semi-permanent adhesives for sensitive clients as such glues dry slower and allow lash artists to take their time without compromising the result of their work.


Lashing Environment Conditions


Along with the correct formula, it’s important to have the right environments in your lash studio. Humidity and temperature play major roles in the lash extension curing process. 

If there is too much heat or humidity in the studio, the lash extension glue may cure too fast, resulting in premature lash fallout. The same can be said with low room temperatures and low humidity, as a lack of moisture in the air can seriously slow down the curing process. The key is to keep your salon temperature according to the glue’s recommended ranges. For example, the Stacy Lash glues work best with the temperature around 20 – 26C, and the air humidity around 35 - 75% depending on the glue. If you struggle with setting up the correct environments in your lash room, you can even invest in air humidifiers/dehumidifiers and digital hygrometers.


Pre-Treatment and Preparations Before The Appointment


Did you know, that seamless extension adhesion begins before your client walks through the salon doors? Preparing your individual eyelash extension glue and lash tools before the appointment is how we can ensure an effortless adhesion procedure.

Shake your professional eyelash extension glue, choose the appropriate drying glue formula and set up your tools by the salon chair. Once your client arrives, make sure you thoroughly clean the natural lashes with eyelash shampoo and lash primer. This step is important for removing any excess oil or makeup residue that may prevent eyelash extension glues from bonding to the natural lashes. 

Any experienced lash artist will tell you that having the right lash eyelash extension glue by your side feels like a secret superpower. But along with optimal formulas, it’s also necessary to have your lash studios in suitable conditions and have your beauty tools ready to go! 

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