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Up-market Choice: Premium Pro Glue

Stacy Lash Premium Pro

The eternal question among lash artists is “Which glue to choose?”. And while there is no universal answer, we are here to announce another option to consider the best choice for your lash salon. The first thing we need to realize, it’s the reason we keep searching for the ne and only perfect lash glue. Good retention? Without a single doubt. But the most primal thought is to make clients happy and make money. So let’s make a pause in never-ending pursuit of perfect adhesive and get to know the new hero in town: Stacy Lash Premium Pro. This high-quality glue offers a significant upgrade in the quality of the application, setting industry standards for both efficiency and results. Ready? Set. Here we go.


Premium Pro Glue as a High-end Option

While there are no one-size-fits-all solution, Premium Pro professional lash glue deserves to be an honorable candidate on this pedestal. While others take extortionate prices for their star adhesives, Premium Pro still gives the chance to earn money while enjoying superior quality. It is tailored to meet the needs of seasoned lash artists who demand reliability, durability, and client satisfaction from every bottle. So let’s check out the Key Features and Benefits of Premium Pro Glue

- Universal Drying Time: The glue has an optimal drying time of 1-2 seconds that is considered the most convenient among seasoned professionals and beginners.

- Extended Shelf Life: Tired of tossing the unused glue away? Normal shelf life of an average glue for eyelashes is 6 months, but Premium Pro has extended 9-months shelf life. It’s not only about innovation and luxury, it’s about saving.

- Low Fume Formula: Thanks to the MMA-free formula, it minimizes potential risk of redness and irritation. Ever faced unhappy clients who ask for return because of reaction? Say no more! Premium Pro glue that has your back. Thanks to the lowest fumes level possible, your client and your income are safe and sound.

- Luxurious Innovation: The unique formula allows the adhesive to fully cure within just 1 hour! This means your clients can expose their lashes to moisture without the need to wait. Fast polymerization protects from the shock curing and secures the bond.


Benefits of Using Premium Pro Glue

When choosing Premium Pro you choose the glue that elevates the standard of lash extension services provided. The benefits include:

- You’re on the Next Level of the Lash Game: Multi-stage manufacturing takes much longer than usual glue,. Moreover, you don’t need to even shake the bottle before use due to the wholesome compound that never exfoliates.

- Longevity: The shelf life guarantees that you’ll use the adhesive for sure. Success lies in the ability to save. Time, sources and money. So opting out for reliable adhesive that will do the job means you’re closer to elite lashing.

- Professional Reliability: The glue’s consistent quality and performance help build trust and credibility with clients, crucial for professionals in a service-oriented industry.

- Efficiency in Application: The Premium Pro even has a wider humidity range than your average glue. It works in 45-70% humidity, which is a sweet deal for the professionals who concerned with their environment.


Application Techniques and Tips

To fully leverage the potential of Premium Pro Glue, professionals must adhere to best practices during application:

- Proper Storage and Handling: Keep the glue in a cool, dark and dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat. Considering premium qualities of this Mr. Perfect, you don’t ever need to shake the bottle before use to ensure the ingredients are well mixed. However, the glue needle it’s something you need to use, opposing regular Stacy Lash glues.

- Optimal Application Environment: Work in a controlled environment where temperature and humidity are kept stable to prevent the shifting of the drying time, therefore, putting the retention in jeopardy. .

- Skillful Application: Apply a sufficient amount of glue to avoid clumpy results; a small bead is sufficient for each lash extension.

- Client Aftercare Communication: Educate clients on proper aftercare to maintain the longevity of their extensions and the effectiveness of the glue.



You can totally say that you are on the wave of success when you manage to combine both affordable price and inimitable quality in one product. Once you’ve found it, you can say that you are closer to finding best eyelash extension glue than ever before. Premium Pro Glue offers an exemplary option for professionals who seek to deliver unparalleled performance and raise money. Its formulation is the last word in luxury. Meaning: you can be on the top! Embracing such high-quality products not only enhances the service offered but also elevates the professional’s reputation in this competitive industry. Whether for seasoned professionals or those aiming to refine their craft, Premium Pro Glue is indeed an up-market choice worth considering.

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