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Ways and Places to Store Your Adhesive

Lash Artist. Stacy Lash Extansion Glue

We all know the basic rules and adequate conditions for lash glue storage. E. g. That we must not expose it to heat or direct sunlight, or that it’s crucial to tightly cap the bottle after each use and wipe the nozzle with a lint-free tissue. But today, we offer you to look deeper into different ways how it’s done and what you should or shouldn’t do to preserve maximum glue freshness. Once opened, the glue lasts for 1-2 months from this date, and our goal is to ensure that it won’t get spoiled faster and all our clients will be lashed in style and retention will be as promised. Are you ready to know how to store eyelash extension glue? Let’s go!


Ice Fridge Challenge 


When you buy eyelash extension glue, you can put your unopened adhesive into the fridge, as it requires coolness to stay fresh. 

But! In no case should you put it in the freezer, as freezing may negatively affect the polymerization, or even stop your adhesive from polymerization at all? The key point is keeping the temperature lower than 75 degrees and higher than what the freezer offers. 

However, you should take off the glue from the fridge an hour before using it to let it return to room temperature. Do not store your glue together with other lashing products, as it may also negatively affect its performance. Eyelash extensions glue is a lone wolf that sticks together only with the lash extensions. 

Once opened, you might want to find a better storage place, as when you’ll be putting it into the fridge back and force it may lose all necessary properties. 

Temperature fluctuations are never good for such a complicated product as the one we are talking about.


Dark, Dry, and Cool


Stacy Lash offers adhesives in silica gel packages, for convenient storage and cleaning afterward, as there is a needle inside to prevent the bottle from clogging. Another vital thing to remember is that moisture and air are enemies, that should never get inside your glue bottle. Otherwise, you can say farewell to retention. 

The best choice is to keep your bottle in an upright position in a drawer, cupboard, or closed shelf. This way, not only those omnipresent (especially in the summer) rays of sunlight won’t jeopardize your work, but also children and pets won’t get their hands into that precious glue bottle.


Glue containers - Yay or Nah?


Glue container it’s something that looks really convenient. But should you just drop everything immediately and run to purchase one? Let’s see… 

The eyelash glue container preserves the adhesive’s consistency and prevents it from drying out quickly. Also, you can store several different adhesives there, as many lash artists need more than one glue, e. g. transparent, speedy or sensitive. So this is definitely worth trying if you’re searching for a convenient storage place for your little helper.




How well wouldn’t you store your glue, sometimes inconvenience happens. These days when things just don’t go your way, you may notice that your bottle is out of order. In such cases, we advise having a second adhesive always in stock ready to take place of its comrade that just got spoiled right before your eyes. 

Also, it’s better to change the glue every month, in order to secure yourself from money returns and complaints. This way you can always be sure of an adhesive’s flawless performance.

Now you know not just how to use eyelash glue, but also how to store it! :)

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