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10 Essential Products for Every Lash Tech

Essential Products for Every Lash Tech

Whether you are a beginner or a skilled lash technician, it’s not always easy to determine which eyelash extension supplies are your must-haves and which are optional. Especially, when there are so many of them, and the lash industry keeps extending the services and offers more and more novelties, sometimes with unclear purposes and ways of use. So, we decided to throw some light on the undoubted lash essentials and selected 10 lash tech must-haves. Read this article and enjoy, as we will try to glide your way through the world of products for eyelash extensions.


Lash Tech Tools You Always Should Have in Store


There are these eternal questions, like “What supplies are needed for eyelash extensions?”, “What do professional lash techs use?”, “What does a beginner lash tech need?”, etc. And of course, this can be stressful to answer all of them and determine the primary eyelash extension supply list once and for all. So, you’’ definitely need the following eyelash extensions tools:


#1. Eyelash Extensions

The nuts and bolts of every list of lash room essentials are eyelash extension trays of the most famous curls (C, CC, and D). You might be up to purchasing something extra, as there are lots of cool stuff, such as colored, ombre, flat lashes, and more. But initially, you should always have the trays that will suit anyone, who decides to enter your salon.  


#2. Lash Shampoo

Lash Cleanser it’s something that should never be underestimated. It’s one of the keys to a strong bond and it’s a miracle that ensures proper aftercare, to increase retention. So, we recommend purchasing a big volume of this precious liquid. Fortunately, our lash extension supply store offers a whole gallon, that will be a gem to your salon. You’ll use it on your customers,  and will be able to dispense it into smaller bottles and resell to your clients, or include them in aftercare kits as a gift. Happy clients are guaranteed! 


#3. Lash Glue

What do you need for eyelash extensions? Of course, lash adhesive. But it’s not as simple as it seems. First, you always should have one bottle for sensitive clients specifically. If you use a certain glue, make sure to have a spare bottle, as the first one might get spoiled or you may simply run out of it. In order to prevent such unpleasant situations, make sure that you have at least two bottles near. 


#4. Lash Tweezers 

The same rule goes for the lash tweezers. Even if you have the most solid tweezers of top-quality material, they can be bent, or you can drop them. Well, there are many reasons to have a backup pair of tweezers and they will never be unnecessary. Needless to speak, there are different purposes they may serve. Sometimes, you might switch between volume and classic ones, or you may pursue a perfect isolation process and matching tweezers are a must-have. 


#5. Lashing disposals 

This category includes adhesive wipes, to clean your glue bottle, as proper storage conditions will prolong the shelf life of your adhesive. Make sure to use lint-free tissue. Also, you will need lash wands and micro brushes, to apply the products on the client’s lashes. And a tape to ensure a good fixation of the eye pads, so they won’t do any harm to the client’s eyeballs during the appointment. 


#6. Hydro Gel Eye Pads 

Every lash Technician knows, before starting the procedure, it’s needed to ensure that the client’s bottom lashes are firmly closed and patched down. In order to prevent fumes from affecting your customers and secure their eyes, we recommend using Stacy Lash Eye Pads with Aloe Extract. 


#7. Glue Remover 

Whether you are a beginner or professional, you should consider purchasing an adhesive dissolver depending on your personal preferences and skills. It can have either cream or gel consistency, but something that dissolves the glue should be with you. Sure, not every client that comes to you for a brand new look comes with perfectly clean and prepped eyelashes. Sometimes, the lashes require removal and thorough cleansing, before proceeding further. 


#8. Lash Mirror 

Surely, you would want to take a photo of a beauty you have just created. Your Instagram profile will be aesthetically pleasing with photos made with the help of the lash mirror. In addition, it may come in handy throughout your work. 


#9. Workplace Covers 

A clean and sanitized lashing area is a must. Between the customers make sure to change the covers on the lash bed every time, as it’s important to stay hygienic. Simple rule on the way to a successful lashing career. 


#10. Glue Bonder

If you still don’t have any, then you should change your mind. No shock polymerization issue will bother you after using Extra Bonder, and the client will be able to expose their extensions to moisture straight after leaving you. Moreover, personal sensitivities won’t be a problem as well, as you’ll lock the glue fumes after applying the bonder and even invest in longer retention, which always is good!



Of course, the list of products you may need throughout the day, working as a lash artist is incomplete. You’ll need much more in order to feel confident and climb to the top and achieve your career goals. But at least you’ll know the basics, and you’ll always be able to provide quality services with these tools present.

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