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Lash Bible for Every Lash Tech. Business Edition

a lash artist

Have you ever sat and wondered “How can I promote my lash business?” or “How do I make my eyelash business successful and attract more clients?”. Maybe there were some ups and downs on your way recently, as we all know what it means to be a lash artist. Sometimes you can feel on top of the world and sometimes no matter how hard you try it all seems pointless. There is a lot to take, namely, the place to rent and decorate, lash artist’s Instagram account to advertise and promote, quality products that won’t let you down and run around, etc. And you start to have second thoughts, like “Is lash business profitable anyway?”. Well, it is. Are you up to some lash business tips today? Then make yourself comfortable, and let’s start. 

Honesty is the Best Policy. But what else? 

Let’s start with the question “What can I add to my lash business?”. If everything seems already set, but something is still missing. Let’s figure this out together. In order to get more clients and therefore, more revenue you’ll need to work on some essential moments, such as your policy. For example, when someone didn’t show up and you lost time and money due to that inconvenience. This is why it’s good to add prepayment. Thus, if a person who planned to get lash extensions will know that the money is already paid, you won’t face those frustrating no show ups. At least, not often. This also goes for the clients who arrive late. Not as bad as when someone didn’t show up at all, but still upsetting, as your schedule is ruined, and you’ll have little time for the lash procedure. And moreover, you won’t have time to take a break, eat or relax. Be transparent with your clients about that. Share the rules for late arrivals and possible rescheduling beforehand, so that there won’t be any unpleasant surprises for both of you. Eyelash business means that you have to secure the money you earn, by charging clients who don’t respect your time. 

But what about cancellation and rescheduling? Sometimes, a force-majeure occurs and someone needs to urgently cancel or reschedule the appointment. If you are just starting a lash business, you may not be so harsh on such customers, but with time we advise you to set a fee for such occasions. The amount can be chosen by taking a look at other lash technicians' rates. You can ask for recommendations and decide which path to take. 

Climbing to the Top

So, successful lash business. It’s not a myth. Still wondering “How do I make my eyelash business successful?”. Well, it takes a lot, but it’s rewarding, that’s for sure. There are some simple lash extension business tips to follow. Well, first of all, marketing for lash business means all, and the best way to promote your services is positive feedback from happy clients, who would rate you, return to you, tell their friends about you and leave comments. How you can convince someone to return? Listen to their desires, always make sure that they are comfortable, and try to welcome them with open arms and joyful spirit (we know it’s not easy, as we all sometimes feel blue, tired or stressed, etc.) but besides being an artist and a lash tech, we sometimes psychologists, best friends, advisors and many more thing for the time of the lash session. The same thing goes for frustrated clients, every feedback is important, whether it’s positive or negative. 

Don’t be shy to raise your prices from time to time. Be realistic, you are gaining skill, adding new services, and mastering the artistry of lash extensions. Why not get a fair reward for the effort you put into every lash set? When you are objective about your value as a specialist - you’ll certainly become successful. 

Another way to become more successful is the lash artist’s Instagram account. In the digital age, we need to be noticeable in our social media and communicate through them. It’s good for your business if your Instagram profile will be creative, aesthetically pleasing, and will attract customers. How to get lash clients on Instagram? Add to your feed and stories quality content and do it as often as possible. Through communication via Instagram, you’ll open up to already existing and potential clients, as all the processes and results of your work, will be transparent and visible to them. You can share photos of your workplace, videos of what and how you’re doing, before/after pictures, and many more creative stuff in your stories for everyday feedback. Don’t be frustrated if there won’t be so much engagement in the beginning as expected. It takes time, and persistence is key. 

Money Money Money, Always Sunny!

Success also means money, we know that. One of the most interesting and exciting ways - is to become a brand ambassador. Our lash supply store is offering such opportunity to talented lash artists, personal promo codes, a referral program, and free supplies. If you are truly passionate about what you do, you are in high demand, that’s for sure. Many companies will want to cooperate with you for mutual benefit. Also, you may consider becoming a teacher and showing the newbies how it’s done if you have free time and the desire to try something new and earn extra money. Moreover, now it’s easier than ever, with such classes going online. 


Sure, making your business thriving and stable takes time and effort. But we believe if you’ll make a business plan and follow the steps you chose - you’ll stop at nothing and leave no stone unturned on this path to glory and fame in our one and only lash industry. We are happy to glide your way and always hold your back with trusted tools for lash extensions.


Till next time!

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