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Do you need to hurry if the client is rushing?

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Have you ever had those restless clients who want their eyelashes done in half an hour? Jumpy, with their mind already in another place, ready to dash out on their business they would ask impatiently: “Why does it take you so looong?” which can catch you unawares and even make you feel awkward, as if there’s something wrong in doing lashes for your usual 2 hours, and not in 40 min the client would imagine it should take.

How one is to handle such clients

  • Give them heads-up about the timeframe.

Tell them in advance how long it takes YOU to complete a set at the time they book the appointment so that the client can plan her schedule accordingly. Occasionally, you still may have clients who “had no idea” that applying extensions takes so much time or who can really be in a hurry because of her personal circumstances. If there is no other options and if acceptable, you can eventually try to agree and do an “infill” instead of a “whole set”, applying as much extensions spread evenly over the length of the lashline as you would do during an infill.

  • Be specific.

When a client, like Donkey from the Shrek movie, would keep on whining, "Are we there yet?" don’t play Shrek saying “NO!”, just tell her, "it’s 50 minutes to go now." Given a specific answer, she will hardly ask you this question very soon.

  • Aim for comfort.
If the client is uncomfortable, she will dream of fleeing from you!

Make the couch comfortable.

The client should be warm and comfortable, feel no strain in the waist and neck. Buy a cozy blanket to cover her and a pillow to support her waist.

  • Entertain

It may feel perfect for you if the client can just lay still sleeping for 2-3 hours. But what if she does not want to sleep? Music, audiobooks could be a great option here. However, this can shift her focus (which is not so bad at all with some clients), leaving you and your work somewhat in the background of her overall “well, it was ok” experience. But if you want her to have the “best of its kind” salon experience, it can be worthwhile to build a connection with your client so that she is always eager to visit you as a lash guru, a nice person she can talk to as to an old friend.

  • Educate

Enlighten the client about extensions and the lash extension process, tell her how many little things need to be carefully followed for her to have a great look, that natural lashes are many and you are to attach extensions to each individual lash, how you do this and so it takes you so much time. Understanding the importance and the delicacy of your job, your client will be less inclined to rush you.

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