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Can your clients ruin the results of lashing by improper aftercare

stress factors extensions

Before answering this question, let’s first go over types of stress factors extensions can be exposed to during everyday wear. In fact, there are basically only three of them:

  1. Physical impact. This includes any kinds of physical contact with the eyelashes: rubbing or touching them (incl. during washing), scratching, sleeping on them, wearing eyeglasses that press against the lashes, and brushing.
  2. Chemical impact. This means contact of eyelashes with any substances like water, cosmetics, oils, make-up removers.
  3. Temperature impact of high or low temperatures.

Now let's sort them out to try and see which of these can affect the condition of the eyelashes and in what cases.

Indeed, physical impact can lead to early shedding, but only if extensions have not bonded well. Ideally, they must always stay attached to the natural lashes during wear, regardless of physical stress, and fall out only together with the natural lash. So, if your clients complain of early extensions fallout because, say, she slept on them, this may signal that extensions haven’t bonded well.

If you check every extension to make sure that it holds well at the time of appointment, you can be safely anticipate that physical impacts will have no effect on retention and durability.

Now, back to temperature. When cured, eyelash adhesives can withstand temperatures from -40 to 266 ˚ F, which means that the durability of extensions should not depend on whether your client decides to travel to hot countries or to the extreme north. The same goes for the bath, sauna and tanning salon. The only thing is that subjecting extensions to temperatures over 212 ˚ F would affect the curl (when exposed to such heat for 10 minutes or more), that is extensions can slightly lose their initial curl and straighten up a bit.

The impact of chemical substances, including, of course, contact with water, washing liquids, soaps, etc. calls for and will be dealt with in a separate post. So, follow us and happy lashing!

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