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Irritations caused by the lash materials misuse - Part 2

An eye with eyelash extensions applied

Welcome back. We are talking about irritations caused by the lash materials misuse.

Let’s get it started once again!


Lash extensions


Working extremely close to the ocular surface, we need to keep a very close eye on this lash material. Lash extensions applied wrong can cause all possible types of reaction: bloodshot eyes, inflammation and itching of the eyelids and eye area, or natural lashes breakage. There are 4 points you want to concentrate on. We’ll divide them into two groups in terms of the flow sequence.


Mind this BEFORE starting the application


1- Do not overweight your client’s natural lashes with falsies. Otherwise, the retention won’t last, the extensions will be too heavy to wear and, in the worst-case scenario, the eyelash follicle can be injured thus affecting the natural lashes growth cycle. Selecting a length for an extension set, make sure it does not exceed natural lashes more than 2-3 mm in length. As for the diameter, let it be the size of your client’s natural lash as a rule, and just a little bit thicker as an exception for a more dramatic look’s sake. 


2 - Always take care about hygiene. Disinfecting your tools and keeping your workplace clean is crucial not only to avoid irritations and other reactions we are more or less familiar with, but also to prevent some more serious eye infections.


Mind this DURING the application 


1 - Do not apply lashes too close to the lash line - respect its personal space! The margin normally varies from 0.3 to 1 millimeter. The happy medium amounts to 0.5 mm. In cases when the eyelash extensions are applied directly against the lash line, the risk of skin contact rises exponentially and we all know there will hardly be a happy end in that story. 


2 - Take it easy and do not pull the lashes while doing the extensions set. Gently grab the natural lash with your tweezers and apply the extension with only a mild movement of your hand. Application process should be a comfortable experience for your client and it's in your best interest to tick that box. 

Glue ring


Thanks to its finger wearable position only a minimal number of moves can be made with the glue ring present on your lash play. However, this “pro” is a flaw on the other side of the coin. Wearing the glue ring to hold the adhesive means close-to-your-face position and that again means high risks of fumes exposure. To avoid intoxication follow a few simple precautionary measures. First, keep your working environment well ventilated - open the windows or whatever you find suitable for opening, and use fume extractors (as long as it does not affect humidity and temperature that work for your adhesive). Second, keep the safe distance between your hand and your client’s face so that the glue would not be around all the time. 

Luckily, it’s all up to you - a lash artist, skillful and confident. Just keep doing your magic and we will keep arming you with the wisdom of adjusting your lash materials’ demeanor to the light side of the Force and keeping the reaction away from your clients and yourself.


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