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How Can Eyelash Extensions Save Your Money And Time?

Save Your Money And Time with the Eyelash Extensions

Picture this: your morning alarm goes off, you make your favorite coffee and head out for the day without wearing your makeup. Sounds pretty amazing, right? You as a professional lash technician know all about the incredible benefits of having eyelash extensions. But do your clients? In today’s article, let’s take a look at how eyelash extensions can save you money and time, and why stunning lashes are super investments in the future!


Time Savers


We all love to hit that snooze button on our phones. With a striking lash extension set, you won’t ever have to feel guilty about getting 10 extra minutes of sleep every day. 

A great perk of getting lash extensions is skipping the everyday eye makeup-up routine that can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. While doing eyeshadows and mascara can be extremely fun, those daily 15 minutes can add to be around 7-8 hours every month! With busy work schedules and everyday lifestyles, an extra 8 hours every month sounds like an absolute dream!

But that’s not all. Eyelash extensions are also very easy to maintain and upkeep. A mascara wand and lash cleanser are all you need to have gorgeous eye looks every single day of the month!


Money Savers


Along with saving you time, lash sets can also be super budget-friendly and cost-effective. Flaunting a celebrity look 24/7 doesn't have to burn your wallet or make you anxious about spending. And here’s why.

Waking up with beautiful eyelash extensions also means not having to spend money on falsies, mascara, eyeliners and makeup removers. Based on style preference and daily use, false lashes can round up to be a shocking $100 every month. Not to mention the adhesive that runs out very quickly and needs to be regularly replaced. 

As for mascaras and eyeliners, they can range anywhere between $10-30 for an item. As these beauty products expire after 3 months of use, constant mascara purchases can cost a pretty penny too. And let’s not forget about the expensive makeup removers that should be used on a daily basis. 

And so, as you see, having eyelash extensions is not all about creating jaw-dropping eye looks. These beauty treatments are great investments that can be very beneficial in the long run. So, what are you waiting for? Book your next lash appointment today and start saving money, time and energy tomorrow! 

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